Vena Cava dress- Vogue 1228

I finally finished my summer session of school, so I have two whole weeks to take a break and get in some sewing projects. There are a ton of Birthdays this month including my husband’s, so I am going to be making a lot of gifts sewn with love šŸ™‚

Before starting all these gifts, I thought I’d be selfish and make this Vena Cava Vogue dress for myself that has been sitting in my queue for a while. I had ordered this Michael Miller print from a designer fabric sale on and the description of the color was honeysuckle. I was expecting kind of a reddish-orange coral color but instead it ended up being straight up orange. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Its not that bad.. I don’t think!

The dress was easy to make, but I think this is mostly due to using cotton which is always a dream to work with. It called for a lot of french seams, however I don’t know how to do these, I’m sure its probably relatively easy but I was being lazy and didn’t feel like googling it and just serged my seams together. I am still on the search for my upgraded machine too, so I think it is causing me to resent my Singer. He’s the little engine that could, but I am so ready to move on!

I omitted the side zipper because this dress is so roomy it was pretty unneccessary. I can just pull it over my head. The sleeves ended up being too big and a little bit bunchy, I sides these down a bit along the shoulder seam but I guess that is just the style of the dress. There was one pleat along the neckline and one in the back.

Overall this was a very easy construction. Its a boxy style dress, so it’d be great for those days that you feel a little bloated or are going to pig out at a restaurant. Its still pretty hot here, so I think I will probably wear this more as a summer/fall transition dress, it would be great with a pair of boots!

4 Comments on “Vena Cava dress- Vogue 1228”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I love the sleeves! Great color, too!

  2. PatternVault says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have this pattern in my queue as well. There’s something about the design that’s so Serena van der Woodsen…

  3. Cal says:

    I have been looking for this pattern, I really would like to make it for myself. I was looking on Ebay and someone is selling this pattern, and it uses your photo, which I found a bit disturbing as I remember reading your review here on the blog. ( I am assuming you are not the seller!

    • cjgal says:

      Wow that’s super creepy, I’m certainly not the seller! Thanks for pointing it out to me. There are way too many weirdos online, makes you think twice about the type of material you post!

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