New Look 6051- Project runway workroom tunic.. eh

Simplicity has a Project Runway line (LOVE that show!) and they rolled out this tunic. I thought it looked so cute- maybe I just really like the blue floral satic fabric they showcased it in. I couldn’t find any fabric that resembled this, but I did find this pretty black and turquiose charmeuse- the last bit on the bolt!

The tunic was relatively simple to make, it was a big rectangle with a hole for your head- kind of like a poncho. The sides sewed up to make it more fitted. The neckline had casing around it which I always seem to struggle with, I just can’t ever get it to line up and not pucker. The tunic also had a drawstring, there are two buttonholes which I always have fun making. To make the casing for the drawstring they called for bias tape to be sewn on the inside with a channel left open to pull the drawstring through.

I think my tunic resembles the pattern photo, however I don’t know if I am really crazy about the look. My husband thought I had made a kimono, and not that there is anything wrong with kimonos but that wasn’t really what I was going for with this piece. It was fun to make though, and it was cool working with a satic which I haven’t used too much up to now.

Simplicity 2647- my summer maxi dress

I have had this fun bright floral print fabric for a while and I finally decided it would be perfect for a maxi dress. I really don’t wear long dresses very often because I am so short, but I figured at least I could make this one the perfect length so I won’t trip over it like a fool. It took me a while to find a pattern I really liked, some maxi dresses look so frumpy! This simplicity pattern 2647 is one of those day to evening editions, and I loved the long drawn version with the gathering on the bodice.

I’m not sure why they didn’t include a photo of this one, its always nice to see the finished product even if on a model. The construction of the dress wasn’t that easy, I cannot lie. The bodice was pretty easy to sew together, the rayon knit I used didn’t gether well with a long machine stitch so I ended up doing most of the gathering by scrunching it as I sewed. I’m sure there is probably a better method out there to do this, but for this dress it got the job done! Once the bodice construction was finished, the pattern called for the elast to be sewn into the facing. I don’t know if maybe my bodice somehow ended up being to short, but I don’t really see how putting an inch wide ring of elastic would have fit. It would have caused the bodice to shift down too far and not give me enough coverage on top. So instead, I opted to sew the elastic into the top of the skirt first before attaching the two pieces together. Since I knew I would need to shorten the dress in the end I wasn’t worried about the extra inch of length being taken from the shirt. The effect was that the elastic ended up looking like a waist band.

The effect isn’t bad though it isn’t how the pattern intended. I considered completely omitting the elastic, however I think the dress would’ve been to heavy for the straps and would have weighed down too much. By creating this waist band it also completely covered the elastic so there was fabric between the elastic and my skin. This made it much more comfy! Even after usining about an inch and a half to create the band, I still had to take up the bottom about an inch, I pretty much just plan to wear flats with this to avoid accidents 🙂

I am looking forward to wearing it in the hot upcoming months, and maybe for a weekend getaway (if I am lucky!)

McCalls 6240, my faux Victoria’s Secret dress

There is a one shoulder cheetah print dress that Victoria’s Secret has had in their catalog forever, I have been drooling over it and waiting for it to go on sale (it was like $88 BEFORE taxes and shipping!!) I can’t justify spending that much on a little dress, especially one like this that is really only appropriate for going out to the clubs which doesn’t really happen for me much anymore. However, as I said in a previous post my friends and I were throwing a surprise Bachelorette party for my friend Jo- the surprise being the location in Nashville TN. The red Simplicity dress I had made with this event in mind didn’t quite work out as I had planned, so needless to say this dress would’ve been perfect!

Soooo instead of ponying up $88+ for the Vickies dress, I went on the hunt for a pattern to attempt to replicate it. What I found was McCalls 6240, and it is quite possibly the easiest dress I have ever made. The pattern is just three pieces, the front, back and the sleeve. It was all cut and sewn in about an hour and a half. I used the shorter sleeve and straight hemline, and I just made the dress all one piece instead of using the contrast band.

I found a really fun red leopard print from in a very sleek soft rayon knit, I actually like my print better than the Vickies version. It goes great with my red high heels too, LOVE red! I did the math, and I could’ve made three of these dresses (possibly more)  + the cost of the pattern for less than the Vicky’s one too! Not too shabby…

The theme for Jo’s party was hot lady gear and WIGS! We all went out and bought ridiculous wigs, and we had an absolute blast in Nashville! Here we are all hanging out in front of Elvis and out on the town, and one with Captain Morgan!

Bok Bok BaGok! An Egg-stra special Mother’s Day apron

This year for Mother’s Day I wanted to make something special for my wonderful Mother in Law. She is a fantastic sewer and seamstress, and makes the most beautiful drapes and window treatments, and recently started doing her own upolstery completely self taught which is amazing! She is also a good cook and she wears fun aprons in the kitchen, my favorite one is her Mrs. Clause apron at Christmas time. I decided to make her a chicken themed apron, since I know she grew up around chickens and loves a good old eggs over easy in the morning! Here she is whipping up something tasty! 🙂

I used the Simplicity 2272 pattern, and it was a really quick sew. The edges were binded in double fold bias tape which I found in a light blue to match the chicken fabric. The rest of the apron was just fabric, no interfacing or lining needed. I did sew the waist band differently then they suggested in the instructions which seemed a bit backwards to me, they had the band sewed to the apron first, then folded in half right sides together, stitched and turned inside out. I don’t really see how that is possible with the apron sewed on, so I just pressed the tie edges in and sewed the whole piece together at once. No struggling!

I decided to add some egg yolk decals to the pockets, Chris was throwing away an old white button down work shirt so I fished it out of the trash and cut out some egg whites, and used remnants from my yellow dress fabric to make the yolks.

In the end it turned out really cute and versatile,  and I would definitely make this apron again!

Bat wings?? No, its Mcalls “Laura Ashley” 6277

I have been eyeing this Mcalls pattern from the Laura Ashley line because the big drapey sleeves look so sleek in the drawn view (scoop neckline) on the pattern picture. After cutting the pieces and trying it on 20 times during the contruction, I felt like I could just take off and fly away with the gigantic bat wing sleeves for this dress! Needless to say I made quite a few alterations to this dress.

I found this bright fun printed rayon blend fabric that I wanted to use for this dress, and I decided to omit the lining for this dress all together. The material is pretty thick and not at all sheer, and it is very soft and drapey so it seemed unnecessary. Plus I’ll probably wear this in the summer and additional layers of fabric in the hot River valley summers = one sweaty gal! Not cute!

The contruction of the actual dress was very easy, it has three sections, a middle piece and the two sides. The problems came when I attached the sleeves and tried it on. The view for the V-neck dress had shorter sleeves and the view for this dress added about two extra inches on the length. I will go ahead and say that unless you have stretch armstrong arms these are way too big for the average woman and you should go ahead and cut the smaller ones. I couldn’t even get my belt around them, they got caught around my waist! I ended up spending way too much time hemming them shorter and sizing them down. The dress was also really long, I had to take it up about 2-3 inches as well. In the end I think my dress looks pretty cute, but it took way too long for something I thought would be a quick project piece.

Summoning the Sun!!

It has been raining cats and dogs here in Louisville and I have just about had it! I decided it was time to make the Simplicity 2362 pattern I have had in my queue for a while now. I picked out a bright yellow fabric, maybe it will inspire the sun to come out!!

This is probably one of the easiest dresses I have ever made. It pieced together like a puzzle, especially the front pocket pieces. Although I made one rookie mistake, when I was cutting out my interfacing for the bodice I didn’t have enough to fold over so I cut the bodice pieces on the single selvage. I must’ve been in lala land because I didn’t even notice I had cut out two right boobs until after I fused the interfacing to my lining! Woops..  Easy fix though if I had more interfacing on hand I would’ve just redone it, however I didn’t and I am lazy. So I just applied more lining to the opposite side and flipped it over. Tada! good as new. I ended up shortening this dress about 2 inches and as you can see its still pretty long with heels on. I love how it flares out towards the bottom, its a great dress for those days that you plan on eating a whole bunch (think cook out!) and want to wear something light and not too clingy. I added some wooden buttons on the bodice pleats to add a little bit of detail.

I give this pattern an A+, I would even go as far to say its a good beginner’s piece. I would definitely make this again and I love the black version in the photo on the package.