Vogue 8750…. REMIX!

After making the flared version of 8750 in red corduroy, blogged here, I really wanted to give the pencil silhouette a go. I found this zig zag stetchy corduroy with blues and purples and I thought it would look really cool with the cut and pieces of this skirt.

The skirt is easy peasy to sew up, however the first time I made this, it ended up being HUGE and I had to take it in quite a ton. So this time I cut it smaller and used generous seam allowances and I think it ended up a hair too snug for my taste. Luckily it’s stretch so its not uncomfortable or restrictive. I guess I’ll just have to skip dinner before I wear it out!

I think it would look really cute paired with some pattern tights and booties, and a turtleneck. The back I went for an exposed zipper look, it was hard to match up my zig zags perfectly but oh well…

Overall, I think the zig zags give the skirt a dramatic look and this will probably see a lot of friends and fun these next few months!


Simplicity “Lisette” 2245 top in green

This Lisette pattern has been in my stash for a while now so today after finishing up some long overdue projects I decided to knock this bad boy out as well. I wanted to make the top version, and I am in love with the green version of the dress on the pattern envelope so I found a similar cotton fabric. It was an easy project, but I keep finding that when I sew with cotton no matter how challenging the piece is, fabric choice makes a huge difference in difficulty level. Captain Obvious here, right? Hey, when you are self taught sometimes these blatant “eureka’s” can lead you to a path of glory.

I followed the instructions complete from start to finish and only have a couple alterations/gripes on the finished product.  The pattern instructed to interface the entire yolk and sleeve cuffs, however I think I have quickly learned to spot “over interfaced” patterns and when this much stabilizer is really neccessary. I went ahead and omitted all the interfacing on this shirt all together. My cotton is pretty thick and sturdy and with the extra interfacing it would have felt like wearing cardboard. For thinner more flimsy material I would interface the yolk, but not the sleeve cluffs.

Second, I had a feeling this top would turn out short so I added a couple inches to the length. Well as you can see, it still ended up being a little shorter than I would prefer, but since I have a short torso and I am pushing 5’3″ the length is acceptable. That being said however, for someone who is taller than me this top would end up being a belly shirt! I don’t know if that was what they were going for with the look, but if you aren’t into the Britney Spears circa 1999 look I’d make sure to add on at least 3 to 4 inches to the length.

Finally, I struggled immensely with the button tabs on the back neck closure. I always get pretty ticked when I have to invert material through tiny channels but this was ridiculous. It was so small you were supposed to use a needle to turn it inside out. I finally said screw it and just made buttonholes. The tabs on the yolk are clearly less than perfect, but oh well- I have long hair.

Other than that I love the top, I would make it again with these changes in mind for sure. Its snowing outside now so I am wearing it out with a long sleeved white shirt underneath. It looks cute layered so don’t wait until summer to break it out!

Lisette shirtdress round two

Over my Holiday vacation, I took advantage of my time off and caught up on some projects that I have had on the back burner for a while, a couple were some remakes. I have found that I really like wearing shirtdresses and have gotten a lot of wear out of the ones I have made. One of which is the Lisette shirtdress 2246, I made this a while ago in a green gingham blogged here. I absolutely love this dress, its cute comfy and stylish for any situation, I get tons of compliments on it. I had bought blue mens shirting fabric quite some time ago to remake it in, similar to the picture on the pattern. The plain blue looked chic but adds a professional flair to it so I could pair it with tights and wear it to work. This material however ended up being pretty heavy and stiffer than I remembered and I don’t think it was well suited for this dress.

The stiffness didn’t allow for any movement and made the bottom flare out more than I would prefer. It also bunched and crinkled with my waist belt and overall I think it made me look bigger than I am. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a few washings will soften it up a bit but not shrink it down too terribly much.

The contruction of the dress was much easier this time, even though its been quite some time since I made the last one. I opted to only use interfacing on the collar since the fabric was already thick as heck, and than goodness for that decision! I decided to go with snaps again, I swear I’m a snap addict. The pockets and stitching came out pretty clean, I was pleased with how these turned out.

This one turned out ok, but hopefully it’ll get a little more worn in and become as beloved as its plaid sister.