Houndstooth coat for my favorite hound

I realized today that I have not made any new posts lately, and ironically I have a bunch of finished sewing projects to add but I haven’t had much to time to coordinate with my man and take photos of them yet. So on that note today I am adding a post of a project which I can be the photographer, Harper’s new dog coat! It hasn’t really been all that cold this winter (not that I am complaining) so she hasn’t gotten much wear, but she still looks cute.

I used McCalls 6455 which is a very easy pattern, great for a beginner. One thing I will say is that this is the first dog outfit pattern I have used that I actually had to size down, usually these patterns are small even when they say that they can be used for “larger” dogs. This pattern had huge sizes and even an extender to add to the belt for a larger chested dog (or more ahem… rotund dogs). So for those of you who have Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Great Danes or any other massive breed of dog and you like to dress them up then this pattern is perfect.

I used a faux houndstooth fleece, and a lot of black bias tape around the edges, and velcro for the closures. I am finding that velcro isn’t the best bet for Harper because she has such a thick neck it comes undone pretty easily. I’ll probably add snaps or buttons to this to make it more secure.

On unrelated non-sewing news, my husband and I decided to jump on the backyard chicken trend and start our own little flock. Fresh eggs coming our way! We started building our coop, which we have dubbed “The Cluck Hut” and painted the frame today since it was so gorgeous outside.

We ordered our chicks, 4 different breeds, which will arrive mid April to their new digs. We wanted to wait until it warmed up a bit since chicks are sensitive to cold weather, we figured it would be good and warm by then. Three of the chickens will be our good eggs layers, one buff orpington and two plymouth rocks. The other breeds we ordered for fun- one is an Easter Egger which is of South American decent and can lay green, blue or pink eggs. The last two chickens are  silkie bantums, they look like little muppets! Check it out:

Hee hee hee.. can you tell I am excited about these chickens?? More to come on the ladies later!


“Vintage” Vogue 8728

In an effort to start using up my fabric stash as well as tapping into my pattern collection I decided it was time to try Vogue 8728. I saw the version by the Sew Convert in a solid teal knit and it turned out so beautiful! I love how she styled it, and it ooks perfect for just about any occasion. I have had this knit black and white material in my stash FOREVER, it was in the bottom of my bin actually, so I figured it would be great for my first run at this dress (the pattern would hide any imperfections, always a plus!)

I think my dress turned out alright, but I have many things to say about this pattern. First off, this thing was HUGE! I could have easily cut 2 sizes smaller, and the length was at my ankles… literally. My torso is very short so I ended up taking up the midriff section by 2-3 inches, otherwise the waist would have fallen below my hips. I also had to take in the sides quite a bit, the corners ended up getting a little bunchy despite trimming the seams down each time. I think this silhouette is best on tall thin ladies with minimal hips.

The gathering on the bust didn’t quite sit as nicely as I would have liked, but I think that I could remedy this and take the gathers in some more on my next go. The neck binding was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be, this is usually something I struggle with however the topstitching wasn’t my favorite.

Another thought I had on this pattern was that I don’t think it looks particularly “vintage”. Even in the pictures on the website with the girl styled for the 40’s this dress itself looks rather modern to me.

I didn’t bother making the covered belt because I really didn’t think it was worth all the work. I doubt I would ever wear it anyhow. There were also instructions for making shoulder pads, but really… does this knit dress need stinkin shoulder pads?? I think not. I think overall this is a cute dress and it had some interesting throwback methods, however I ended up serging a lot of it and just stuck with what I know. I’d try this one again in a solid, however I’ll probably wait until t warms up… I think maybe I made this one prematurely because I am already sick of winter!