Cynthia Rowley 2512- weekend skirt

This is a skirt I made before my trip but I am just now getting around to blogging it. Traveling gets in the way of a lot of things, not that I am complaining! After I saw the version of this skirt made my Mimi G, blogged here, I pretty much had no choice but to shamelessly copy and make one myself. I used a cotton twill with a turquoise chevrony- zig zaggy print. I really like his material because its nice and soft but it still has substance and shape to it. No need to line it either which is a plus in this heat!









This is in front of our newly bloomed crape myrtle tree in the front yard, I thought it looked pretty!

Anyhow, back to the skirt. I made a couple changes to it based off the other reviews I read. I added extra length onto the ties because everyone had said it was too short to tie into a bow. This worked out just fine, but now I am kind of on the fence about the bow, I think it may be a little too fussy for me. I may just end up wearing it in a knot. I also omitted the pockets because I didn’t want to add any extra bulk, it already has a lot going on. I took away some of the gathers especially in the back since a lot of the reviewers noted that it looked like they had a bubble butt. I don’t need to add anymore junk to my trunk!



Unfortunately I think the front and back are a little unbalanced, I even ended up having to take the hem up in the front because it was hanging lower than the back. The ties pull a bit at the zipper in the back but its nothing that will cause any wardrobe malfunctions… I hope.





All in all I think its a cute skirt and is comfy for running around on the weekends, like this lovely one! Happy Saturday!

Kid in a candy store!

Bon jour friends! We have just returned from a two and a half week trip to Europe. It was an incredible experience, we saw so many impressive sites, met so many interesting people, and ate sooo much good food! I think I gained 10 lbs in Rome alone. This was a family trip with my in-laws, all together we were 8 people. Quite a large group for such a big trip!  We all had a great time, but I am happy to be back home and continue my summer break 🙂  Much sewing time will be had!During the two and a half weeks we went to Athens Greece, Rome Italy, Dubrovnik and Split in Croatia, and the last leg of the trip Chris and I went to Paris on our own. Paris was so much bigger and bustling than I expected, and it was cold! Everywhere  else we went was HOT, we were sweating and sunburned the whole trip and then arriving in Paris we had to get out our jackets and jeans again. Truth be told it was nice to get a little break from the heat before heading home, it is muggy as crap here!

So Paris… ok let’s get down to it. The fabric shopping was unreal! I have never seen so many shops in one place with such a unique fabric selection. And it was so reasonable! I think the most I paid was like 15 Euros for 3 meters, sooo cheap! I did my best not to go crazy since we had to pack it all in our suitcases to bring home, but I ended up with 5. That’s not too bad is it? We went to the cluster of stores below the Sacre Coeur and started at the Tissus Reine. This store had all its fabric precut in 3 meters and you just pay a flat price for the bundle. I found some ridiculous deals in there!











View from the street:




A wall of buttons!



There were many little hole in the wall shops that had drapery and upholstery material, sidewalk sales, notions, and little shops with all sorts of trim. My favorite shop by far was the Marche Saint Pierre, it was 5 stories high of every sort of fabric or sewing supply you could think of, it was a bit overwhelming! What I loved the most about the store was the displays that they used to showcase the fabric. Here at home all we have is Joanns, Hancocks, and other big box type stores. The displays that they put out are usually dresses made from simplicity patterns or little quilted bags. At Marche Saint Pierre they had all sorts of  over the top costumes! Some were really cool, and others were down right creepy…





This guy will keep you up at night!






Yes, I think I went a little nuts! Luckily Chris was pretty amused by how much I enjoyed fabric shopping and didn’t pull in the reins too much. He even helped me carry my bags, fabric gets heavy! Here are the spoils of my shopping trip, I pretty much just went for pieces that spoke to me and that I knew I wouldn’t be able to find at home.

This is a shiny satiny material that Chris actually found first. I love the retro printed flowers, I’m seeing this one for a fancier dress that I can wear to one of the weddings we have coming up in the next couple of years.






Here is another slick, satiny fabric that I found. I generally avoid this slippery material because it is hard to work with, but I couldn’t resist these beautiful prints.




Here is a plain old cotton, but I adored the purple geometric print. This will look so cute on a full skirted dress.





This is another geometric print I found but it has such a cool border print. Not quite sure what I will use it for yet, but it will need to be fabulous!



This one is a mystery fabric, some sort of polyester material. Chris picked this one out, I am loving the birds!



And finally, here is a slinky knit that I found last minute on a sidewalk sale as we were heading back. Only 1.50 Euros for 1 meter, it was coming home!



Ok so I know this is already an excessively long post, and everyone hates looking at vacation photos but I just have to share some of the highlights! Feel free to stop reading now if you’ve had enough 😉

















Zig zags and paint

Last night I attended my friend Tina’s surprise birthday/painting party, and it was a total blast! She loves dressing up so everyone was to show up in cocktail attire for the occasion. This of course made me excited because I just finished my chevron “zig zag” dress, and I was itching for a reason to wear it. I found this retro inspired polyester material at our local Hancocks and I couldn’t leave the store without it, even though I generally avoid working with this type of fabric. I decided to make McCalls 6115 which is about as an easy of a dress to make especially with this finicky fabric. Its pretty much two panels with a channel to run the straps through. I did my darndest to match up the stripes, however this dress is a pretty big sack when its all said and done so I had to take it in quite a bit. Matching up the stripes became less of a necessity and more of an impossibility. I ended up belting the dress anyhow so I don’t mind it too much.



I really love how it turned out, I think this dress may be coming with me on my trip to Europe. Bonjour!


While at the party, we all had to cover our sophisticated outfits with aprons to avoid getting splattered with paint. It was well worth covering my dress, I forgot how much I enjoy painting. I used to do quite a bit of oil painting, but when I started school a couple years ago I just didn’t have the time for it anymore. It can be a very time consuming hobby! However, now that I will have the summer off and I finished graduate school I plan to get in at least a little painting time! The theme for the painting party was the Louisville skyline with bubbles floating about in the sky. I decided to deviate my theme because I wanted to hang it in my sewing room, so instead of bubbles I painted spools of thread.



It turned out kind of meh, we had to finish within a limited time frame as it was a painting party and it ended up a little sloppy and kindergartenish as a result. I may go back and try to fix it up later on, although this was done with acrylic paint. Here are all the other painters’ finished masterpieces, they all turned out great and we had so much fun!


I really enjoy painting natural scenery and using a lot of texture when I paint. Here are a couple of paintings I have done that are hanging up in my house:


All this art is really getting my creative juices flowing, I’m really getting excited to start creating this summer! Oh and on a completely unrelated side note, check out who I met at a local art fair recently- Gunnar from project runway! He was so friendly and kind, he didn’t even mind me asking for a creeper fan pic 😉


Love local celebrities!