The ombre dress

The beautiful (but stinky) bradford pear trees are fully in bloom on our street this week so I couldn’t resist passing up a photo op in my new ombre dress. Hurray for spring!


This dress is Simplicity 1873 by Cynthia Rowley. I love how big and poofy the skirt is, but man oh man did it end up being short! I usually am pretty modest with my hemlines, and being as short as I am it is unusual that I don’t have to take it up 3 inches (let alone being 3 inches above my knees to begin with). I can’t imagine how short this would be on anyone of average height, yowsers! My husband did say that he liked how well it fit, and that the length was very sexy. I guess this will be a date night dress!


I know I may be a little late on the ombre trend, but after I saw this ombre dress pin on pinterest, (picture below) I was really inspired to make one of my own. The dress in the pin was actually painted on with textile paint and because I don’t have the patience for that sort of crafting I just hunted down some ombre print fabric. I found this bright blue faded to light on Etsy and was sold.


The dress itself was a rather easy sew, I chose not to line it as it is already starting to get on the hotter side here and the cotton isn’t very sheer. The skirt piece was super long before sewing in all the pleats, but I am loving the full effect. I think it ended up as short as it is from matching up the ombre on the seams, but even so there wasn’t too much to take up when it was said and done. I think next time I try this dress I’ll make sure to add a couple inches of length.



Happy Spring time y’all!

Meet Laurel!

Ah yes, I have caught the latest bug going around… Colette Laurel! I love this pattern, it is a roomy shift dress with endless possibilities. I like that it isn’t too fitted, it gives it more of a casual feel and of course comfort. Around where I live people don’t get too gussied up unless it is for a special occasion, so some of the dresses I have made are sadly sitting in my closet waiting to be taken out for a night on the town. This dress I can easily wear to work or dinner or drinks without the feeling of being super overdressed amongst the jeans and tees.




The dress is an easy sew. It consists of just front and back panels, and sleeves if you desire. I cut a straight size 6 and still had quite a bit of ease to take in the back. I also lowered the neckline down an inch or two because it felt a little too restrictive and nun-like. Additionally, the sleeves were a little too long for my taste so I took those up a bit as well. I used bias tape around the neckline, and I was going to include it on the sleeve hem but I decided it was an overkill.

The fabric I used was a nice linen blend with a lime green, brown, and orangey-red ikat print. The linen is pretty dense, however it was still a little too sheer for my taste so I made the version with the underlining. I generally try to avoid lining with our hot summers, but it was necessary on this one.



I am loving how it turned out. I have been seeing some really cute versions of the Laurel made with beautiful eyelet fabric and I really want to try it out. I have never worked with eyelet material, but since this dress is so simple it will make the perfect guinea pig piece.

Until then I think I’ll have fun taking Laurel out on the town!