Summer Hazel, Fall Hazel

After my Mother in law found this amazing vintage gingham at a yard sale I felt compelled to sew it up into a cute dress. Its obviously a bright summery color, but I think with a sweater and some boots I can take it into the Fall without any nasty “she’s wearing white after labor day” looks from old fashioned Grandma types. I got out good old Hazel pattern to showcase the plaid on the bodice “V” seam. I think it ended up being really cute! Pardon the color in these photos, I am on the verge of a camera update, it needs to happen.

Ah see? You can feel the seasons change with the sweater. Ready to go pumpkin pickin Hazel!


Surprise party Macaron

I finished my macaron finally, originally I had wanted to make it in purple but the fabric I ordered ended up being a heavy polyester material, not what I was expecting. I really don’t know what I’m going to do with it actually, I guess it will just get added to my growing stash. Instead I just settled on good old cotton. I love this blueish jade color and I wanted the contrast to be white so it would have a t-shirt dress effect. 

I am calling this the surprise party dress because I wore it to two different suprise parties that happened last night. What are the odds? Luckily the surprises were scheduled a a couple hours apart so we didn’t miss any of the excitement!

The construction of this dress was very straight forward, however beware that it is labeled as “intermediate” so the instructions on the zipper installation were minimal. I guess intermediate means that Colette assumes you know have a level of skill set that they can omit detailed instructions on pieces of the garment. Mine went in fine but I had to hand tack it down at the top which I really hate doing.

I really really love this dress, I think its great for this end of summer beginning of fall transition. The hidden pockets in the pleats are so cute! I cut this dress in a size 6 and it fit just perfectly, I didn’t have to take it in or let it out at all. Zero alterations!

Yard sale steals

This weekend was the big yard sale event for my local neighborhoods, over 100 houses particiapted this year. I went with my mother in law, Chris, my sister in law Rachel and a couple friends to find treasures. I was not disappointed! I just accepted a position teaching math (which I am super stoked about) so I was mostly looking for math games and tools for my classroom, but then we ran into a woman who was selling bins of fabric and patterns. I pretty much squealed and started diggingthrough them like a little kid. The lady seemed pretty ready to get rid of all of it so she offered up the whole lot a $1 a bin. We pretty much got them for free, it was ridiculous!

Now don’t get me wrong, not everything in this grab bag was a winner but I did find some cute stuff (and some pretty hideous stuff too).The majority of the patterns are mostly little kid items which I don’t have too much use for yet, maybe someday. However, get a look at these gems buried in the stash:

Now I am certainly no belly shirt kind of girl, but I do like the simple button down on view D. Who can’t use a button down shirt or two?

This pattern appealed to the Paris Hilton dress up my dog part of me. Look at that raincoat, how stinkin cute! I also like the t-shirt with the frisbee pocket on view F. However, I don’t know if view B is supposed to be a hoodie or maybe a ghost costume, but the dog looks like a member of the KKK in the picture. That just ain’t right.

Ok so I am a sucker for cheesy Christmas crafts. Look how cute they are! Meet Mr and Mrs Claus! I am so making this in December…

This Santa on the other hand is just down right creepy. I mean he doesn’t even look like santa, he’s a full size elderly man wearing a bathrobe. He’s definitely not pulling off the Hugh Heffner look well.

Hey girl, check out my demented dolly hair bow! don’t I look fly?

This is actually a pattern for Barbie clothes, there were a couple in the bin but I thought this one was too cute. How stylish are these Barbie outfits? I wish they were actual people patterns because I’d totally rock these looks!

This was the oddball lingerie pattern that just didn’t fit in with the rest. Its pretty zsa zsa though. Mee-yow!

I don’t know what is more awesome, the fact that they have 100 pictures of this boxer short pattern of the two 80’s models with matching haircuts. Just wow

The fabric selection had a few conversation starters too, besides the 5 different cat prints that I found. This was a pattern printed right on the fabric with directions for making “Mama Bunny with babies”. Though a bit strange, I have never seen something like this before.

There was two panels of this dogs playing poker print. Again, just wow

My mother in law also found this fabric at another yard sale, $1.50 for 3 yards of vintage yellow and turquoise gingham. I absolutely love this! I may have to whip up one last sun dress before it starts getting chilly out.

Good day of bargains in the neighborhood! I’m looking forward to the next one 🙂