Moneta Part dos

So apparently the theme of my summer is making two of everything! This is my second version of the Colette Moneta, and I limey this one! I made this from a striped knit I found at a store in Phoenix while visiting my sister in law, as well as a heavier weight eggplant knit from Joanns. This is a nice simple little pattern, I really like how the sleeves on this come together, you adjust the width of the sleeve after attaching them to the bodice. This is nice if you want them a little more roomy/less roomy, etc..



This pattern is clearly meant for knits! (As is they didn’t advertise the hell out of it as a knit dress, along with a book on how to work with knits!) I love knits, and the fact that this dress requires no fuss or battle with darts and boob placement, zippers, buttonholes, etc.. It really appeals to the lazy sewer in me!



The knit fabric on the bottom is a bit bulky, but I really don’t mind it with the gathers too much. It helps hide a rounder tummy if you know what I mean. I certainly see more Monetas in my future, but I do have other projects on my agenda including an entry for the state fair. Ohhh what to make?? This is the first year I have entered a garment and I am really thinking about a shirt dress as I love making them and I think the difficulty level is right on par for State Fair standards ūüėČ ¬†Will report back soon!!

I’m baaaaaaack… and need another vacation!

I have been a bit m.i.a. the past month, but I am back and have many pictures from my vacation and my Colette Hazel dress to share. My whole family lives in NYC and I try to go up once a year to visit them. This year my cousin got married so my Mom and I flew up for the wedding, which was awesome btw! My cousin is Catholic and his new wife is Jewish so they had a ceremony with both a Rabbi and a Priest at a golf course country club and they did all the Jewish traditions, like the smashing of the glass and dancing the horah. I have never been to a Jewish wedding before, so I got a big kick watching all the guys lift my cousin up in a chair and toss him around!

My trip started off with a bang, or rather a “yeyeyeyeye!!” rebel call when I met the Turtleman in the airport. He was on my flight to New York because he was on the Today Show last week. If you aren’t familiar with the Turtleman, he is featured on¬†Animal Planet and lives in Kentucky where he dives into muddy ponds and catches giant snapping turtles that can take¬†your fingers off. He has an infamous rebel yell which I immediately recognized¬†as I was sitting at our gate.¬†He was very friendly as you can see, and he insisted we take a live action shot. He swept me right off my feet!

While I was in New York, I had a little “me” time and took the metro down to Grand Central and did a little shopping. I stopped at Times Square and met Elmo himself. He was a little creepy, but I am a sucker for pictures with weirdos dressed in costumes (I am one of those weirdos myself!)

One of my favorite parts of the trip was finally finding Mood Fabrics (featured on Project Runway, my addiction) in the fashion district down on W 37th St, which was HUGE!!  I was totally overwhelmed, you take an elevator up and you walk in to three floors stacked to the ceiling with fabric, notions and trim, anything you could imagine. I even found a section of alpaca fabric, it was so soft but potentially itchy at the same time. Out of this world! I could have gone completely crazy but most of the fabric was pretty expensive (for me at least) starting at about $14 a yard. I also had to fit everything in my carry on so I only bought 2.5 yards of some sweet plaid cotton. Boring, yes I know but I had to pick something and get out of there before I spent 4 hours walking around drooling at things.

While in Manhatten, I met up my buddy Matt¬†from high School who moved up there about 2 years ago for a great job in an¬†accounting firm. He took me around the East Village and St. Marks which is the more hipster scene area with secret basement bars with hidden clubs behind fake telephone booths that have “mixology” bars. We also went by Korean Town, or K-Town as its called up there. He had lots of great stories and it was good to catch up with him. Here we are in K-town, obviously he towered over me and everyone else in the vicinity!

For the last part of our trip, I went to Atlantic City with my Mom and my Aunt Ida. We took the old people bus up there and got vouchers to gamble and eat dinner, along with a movie to watch on the way there and back. Atlantic City is on the Jersey Shore and was featured on an episode of Sex and the City, it totally lived up to its name! Tons of casinos and people watching, airbrush t-shirts and fortune tellers all around. It was a gorgeous day, we did a lot of shopping and walked around the boardwalk and enjoyed the ocean. Atlantis City was full of knock off designer bags which I took full advantage of. Here are some of the pictures we took, and check out my finished Colette Hazel dress. I had some issues with the sizing on this one, and I think the straps ended up being a tad short, but I made work. I think its a little billowy in the front, but I absolutely love the pockets and the stripe detail on the bodice.

And check out these little gems, only in Atlantic City can you find some gold “I heart Slots” grandma sneakers. They also had a bingo version as well.

Ok, I will now wrap up my novel of a post and close with the fact that I now need a vacation from my vacation. I am pooped! If you need me I’ll be at the pool chillaxin with my dawg.



Vogue 8663, Blue striper in town

I have had this awesome¬†bright indigo blue wacky striped knit fabric in my stash for a while from a sale, but I’ve been holding out on using it because it needed just the right simple pattern to show case the busy stripe pattern. I’ve had the Vogue very easy 8663 pattern for a while and since it had such an easy and straight forward design I decided to go for it in the sleeve version. I reeeeeally love how it turned out! I think this may be my new favorite Fall/winter dress.

This material is very thin so immediately opted out of the zipper and just cut the back pieces on the fold of the fabric. The pleating on the neckline worked out ok but I didn’t want to use the bias tape to avoid bulkiness. I just make a self hemline, the bottom pleating fringe is visible¬† at times but it looks like a ruffle detail so no big deal.

I did add the bias tape to the armholes however, since the material was so thin I felt that I would need the extra reinforcement. Matching up the stripes on the sleeves prooved to be a bit challenging but you can only really tell when I have my hands up on my hips which luckily¬†is a signiture photo pose, not my¬†normal life stature! One cool thing aout this fabric is that although it super light and thin, it is not sheer so I didn’t have to bother lining it or wearing a slip. BIG plus!

I think I really like this dress because it reminds me of some of the knt striped dresses I wore in the 80’s as a child (but obviously much more stylish and modern) I’m lookin forward to rocking it out at the upcoming Holiday¬†parties

Bad to the Bone!

Our dog Harper is a good girl at heart, but¬† she’s got a naughty side!¬†The offenses:¬†laying on our couches, getting into the garbage, begging for food, eating the cat’s food… GUILTY!!

This year I found the Simplicity 2519 dog patterns, I think this has been around for a couple years but they were all so cute I couldn’t resist! And the best part, they have a Harper dog modeling all the costumes ūüôā¬† I was torn between the rabbit and the jail suit, Chris really wanted her to wear the tuxedo but ultimately the jailsuit won due to it being the¬†quickest one to make.

The costume was¬†simple, I had to¬†cut it a few inches wider than the biggest size since Harper’s a little more rotund than Simplicity’s definition of an extra large dog. Luckily it fit her well! The underbelly closes with velcro and she had plenty of room to move around.¬†

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough material to perfectly match up the stripes, but I don’t think she minds. The hat was a little tricky because it was¬†super stiff¬†with interfacing,and the top circle had to be sewn to the crown after the crown seam was sewn. It involved some maneuvering around the machine. The instructions said to hand sew the elastic band to the crown, but I just used white thread to match the bottom stripe and machine stitched it, it blends in just fine and is a lot more sturdy. The most fun part was getting to use my font stitching and embroider Bad to the Bone on the front ūüėĬ† I had originally wanted to put “Bad Dog” however my brother in law Josh said that Harper would get a complex from people calling her bad dog all night, and I guess he has a point. Bad to the bone is pretty fitting though!

Even though Harper’s gotta do some time, I think she will score big on Halloween treats this year!


Orange-ya glad for Seersucker? McCalls 4769

This has been one HOT ass summer in Louisville, we’ve had heat advisories and humidity that can melt tires. I have been crazy busy with school and work (the reason why I haven’t been posting much lately) but since I am stuck in these places for so many hours its nice to have some cute summer friendly outfits to wear while I am there. My downtown office is air conditioned, but since I work in a cubicle I find that in order to maintain my sanity I need to get out at lunch and go for a walk. Pants are just miserable in this heat so I have been trying to make more office friendly dresses. This McCalls 4769 pattern is a button down dress and it has a bit of Marilyn Monroe flair to the skirt which is so chic! I have really been wanting to try a seersucker number for a long time now so this one¬† made the cut!

I chose the sleeveless version as obviously this one provides the most relief with heat. I really really like the eyelet dress that the model is wearing, I have never worked with eyelet material and this is really inspiring to me. Oh well, I guess I will just add it to my growing list of projects… maybe someday!

I used orange seersucker since it seemed like a fun sunny summer color. Seersucker is kind of an oddball fabric, clearly it is made with cotton but since it is striped and has ridges it also wrinkles easily (but not as badly as linen). The plus is it is not heavy and won’t made you feel constricted. I decided to go with orange pearl snaps instead of buttons- can you tell I am obsessed with snaps? I just think they are so fun and add more spunk to a garment than buttons. These matched perfectly too!

This dress took me a while, but mostly because I haven’t had too much time to focus on it. It was kind of a pain, I cannot lie. I have made a button down dress before- posted It was not difficult to make or interpret the instructions, but this dress was so interface happy it was unreal!!¬† There was interfacing in the collar, both plackets, and the facings for the collar and plackets all of which were long and narrow and had to be adhered in sections for incremental amounts of time. The time I spent adhering the interfacing was ridiculous, I refilled my Rowenta with water three times because the steam was flowing nonstop. I also let these dry overnight before sewing them because I just don’t like to work with wet pieces. Frankly, I think it was way too much interfacing, the next time I make this dress I would limit the interfacing to the collar and plackets only. I also noticed a lot of reviews on this dress people said they were confused with the directions for the collar attachment, I thought it was pretty straightforward, and if you¬†had problems¬†following the directions you could easily just wing it.¬†

The main dress pieces were simple, just normal darts in the bodice and attachment to the skirt. Now that I have Brother Sergio, I have been using him to finish all the seams and hems that I possibly can to make my garments more professional. This dress has pockets, and I decided I would go ahead and¬†serge them on along with the front and back skirt seamed. Woopsies… I ended up messing up and the knife cut the pocket edge too far, it left a big hole at the bottom of the seam pocket. I used my Singer and fixed it by straight stitching outside the tear, but the effect left an odd pull on my seam. I don’t think it is too noticable though, I asked my husband to zoom in and take a close up of the flaw and he didn’t know what I was talking about until I physically pointed it out to him. I guess this just goes to show that we are our own worst critics.

In the end I am very happy with this dress, the bodice is a little bigger than I would like, but at this point it is not so big that I am going to spend anymore time making alterations- too many other projects, Next!! This is a cute dress, great for work or a brunch on a hot summer day. I would make this again in the eyelet fabric they featured but with less interfacing next time.

Crazy about Stripes!

I think that stripes are so much fun, they can be casual or dressed up and they can also make you look thinner (or fatter ūüôā¬† Simplicity released their new patterns for summer 2011 and I absolutely loved this new pattern 2177 with the striped view. I didn’t care too much for the photo view, the girl looks like she is in a getup Holly Hobbs would wear and the little jacket looks a bit cheesy to me, but hey to each their own.

This dress was very easy to make and I actually used¬†Michael Miller’s Clown Striped¬†knit fabric in black and white. The back of the¬†envelope suggested cottons, gauze, linen type blends but the knit worked out just fine. This pattern does run pretty big though, I actually ended up having to cut out about two inches from my perfectly¬†finished straps so that it wouldn’t be hanging on me. The finished product didn’t look terrible, but I knew it would bug me so I used some left over material to ring around the striped and simulate gathering. I think it gave it a sailor type look which looks pretty cute! Although its hard to see them in these pictures, my hair covers them.

This dress has pleats at the top where the skirt met the bodice which I love because they are great for hiding any tummy issues ūüôā

This dress makes me excited for the summer! Since I didn’t end up using nearly as much fabric as the pattern called for, I had enough left over to make this striped skirt from Kwiksew pattern 3003.¬†I think this pattern has been around for quite a while given the illustrations on the front, the 90’s called and they want their rooster¬†ponytail back!¬†This is a very casual skirt with elastic at the waist so you can be liberal with sizing up and down.

One thing about this pattern to watch out for is matching the stripes. Since its virtually the same pattern for each skirt, the second view just has an extra cut down the center. This means you have to match up the stripes to the opposite side that what would have been pieced together with just two pieces as opposed to four. This means that the length will be a bit off when you do your hemming. I am only 5’2″ so I usually end up hemming quite a bit of length anyhow so it wasn’t an issue for me, but if you are tall you may want to compensate on the length when you cut¬†your fabric.¬†FYI please excuse my nasty thumb burn in this photo, be careful with those irons kids!

Here is one that I made for my friend Jo as part of her Bridal shower gift. My Mom crocheted the orange flowers that I added to the hem.

I would definitely recommend both these patterns- very easy to use and versatile, they are great for stripes but not limited to them.