Colette Truffle

I finally got around to making my Truffle dress. I found this bluish/purple linen fabric (though it mostly looks purple in the pictures) and I was sold. Yes I know it is February and way to cold for linen but after seeing Cynthia’s Truffle in linen, blogged here, I loved how structured the fabric made the ruffle and the skirt. I think more flowy fabric makes the dress look a little flimsy. I probably won’t wear this until April for an event anyhow, so no biggie.


I love how it turned out! Since the dress is relatively simple and in a solid color it is the perfect canvas for jewelry. I hardly ever wear this necklace because its got so much going on, but I think its just what this dress needs.


I pretty much followed the instruction and made this dress quickly, there’s really not a whole lot to it. The top has easy lines and darts, the skirt pieces were quick and easy, and the ruffle was really a no briner. If the dress didn’t have the ruffle I think it’d be kind of boring. The only change I made was omitting the lining and just using bias tape around the neckline and armholes. It gets really hot here in the warmer months so I try to avoid lining at all costs, extra fabric = extra sweat!




I highly recommend this dress if the big ruffle is your sort of thing. That means you have to buy the Colette Sewing handbook, but with all the awesome tips and additional patterns it is well worth the cost!