Medusa… turning men to stone with Ssssssimplicity 3647

Miss J has been talking about being Medusa for a few years now and I found this pattern for different Greek costumes and noticed Medusa standing in the back behind all the blondes adorned in togas. I showed it to her and she was enthused, so the mythological goddess was made!

This dress looked like it would be super easy to make but I swear this ended up being one of the most difficult pieces I have ever sewn. The pattern suggested linen and satin and crepe, pretty much all different fabrics. She wanted something flowy and satiny so we found this black satiny material which is already a challenge to work with on its own.

The top had a crossover effect and cap sleeves and a long skirt with side slits. She wanted one high slit up the front so I stitched the sides and cut the slit up the front. This was fine, however the material really puckered no matter how much I ironed it so it was less than perfect. The top ended up being really boxy so I took it in a few times, but this dress was meant to be pulled on over the head and cinched so I had to leave a bit a room so it wasn’t quite as fitted as she wanted. The neckline had to be hand tacked down which I am never crazy about doing but it had to be done.  She wasn’t nuts about the big She-ra belt in the photo so we just opted for some black cord as a belt.

The drape piece was also a challenge, it was just 3 long rectangular pieces and two were to connect at the shoulder and have some pleating but this shiney crepe material wasn’t having that. I decided to make it into a long shawl piece. I think this worked better anyhow, she could play around with it and wrap it however she wanted.

Last was the fun part- the snakes! I used a green crushed velour material and wrapped it around pipecleaners. I sewed little heads for them and glued on sequins for the eyes. I made a ton of them so they would cover her head, they looked pretty sweet!

This costume was a challenge, I wish we had picked a linen or even a soft cotton material but she really enjoyed wearing it and got a lot of compliments so I consider it a successful Halloween costume.