Bad to the Bone!

Our dog Harper is a good girl at heart, but  she’s got a naughty side! The offenses: laying on our couches, getting into the garbage, begging for food, eating the cat’s food… GUILTY!!

This year I found the Simplicity 2519 dog patterns, I think this has been around for a couple years but they were all so cute I couldn’t resist! And the best part, they have a Harper dog modeling all the costumes 🙂  I was torn between the rabbit and the jail suit, Chris really wanted her to wear the tuxedo but ultimately the jailsuit won due to it being the quickest one to make.

The costume was simple, I had to cut it a few inches wider than the biggest size since Harper’s a little more rotund than Simplicity’s definition of an extra large dog. Luckily it fit her well! The underbelly closes with velcro and she had plenty of room to move around. 

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough material to perfectly match up the stripes, but I don’t think she minds. The hat was a little tricky because it was super stiff with interfacing,and the top circle had to be sewn to the crown after the crown seam was sewn. It involved some maneuvering around the machine. The instructions said to hand sew the elastic band to the crown, but I just used white thread to match the bottom stripe and machine stitched it, it blends in just fine and is a lot more sturdy. The most fun part was getting to use my font stitching and embroider Bad to the Bone on the front 😀  I had originally wanted to put “Bad Dog” however my brother in law Josh said that Harper would get a complex from people calling her bad dog all night, and I guess he has a point. Bad to the bone is pretty fitting though!

Even though Harper’s gotta do some time, I think she will score big on Halloween treats this year!