Mad Men, and mad chickens!

In honor of this evening’s new Mad Men episode I decided it was time to post my “Peggy Dress”.  I think I’ve seen about 5 other versions of Peggy’s infamous black and white plaid dress, but my favorite is hands down the dress made by the lovely Julia Bobbin. I love her modern take on the sleeves and the buttons but maintaining the shape and the curved collar. This is a dress I had to have in my closet!

To make my dress I used McCalls 5792, the view in the lower right hand corner with the collar (funny enough it is in a black and white houndstooth in the drawing… destiny?)

I had to make a few alterations in order to capture the essence of Peggy that I was going for. In this pattern the collar meets in the front on the left side of the neckline, but I wanted the collar to curve around the front and meet in the back. This was a pretty simple fix however, I just swiveled it around to the back and lined up the closures in the back center. I also had to create my own little sleeves for this dress, this was also rather simple to do, I just used the sleeves from another pattern and made my own, and altered them down until they fit just right. Finally, I had to create my own bias belt for the dress, this was a little challenging because I ended up having my belt come out a couple inches too short due to a lack of a beefy piece of fabiric left over after cutting out the rest of the dress. I made the belt line up in contrast to the rest of the plaid so that it would stand out, so I ended up having to match up the extra inches and sewing them justright so they would belnd in. It certainly didn’t turn out perfectly but it isn’t noticable.

A few dislikes/ issues I had while making this dress was obviously the plaids not lining up perfectly. This is always a struggle I realize and the back seam not matching up I can live with, but the collar ended up being on an angle from the rest of the dress, I was hoping it would mimic the belt. Oh well…  Also this dress had a side zipper, this wouldn’t have been a big deal but I don’t particularly like side zippers. On this dress it was especially a more annoying installation since I added the sleeves. In the end I was pleased with how the zipper turned out though, so no harm no foul. Lastly the bodice ended up being bigger and more bunchy than I would have liked, I think this is what bothers me most about the dress. I may try to take it in a bit later on but for now I have other projects on my list.

Issues aside, I still am fond of my Peggy dress and I will wear it proud as Peggy would at Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce. In fact I wore it today at my Honor Society induction, here a picture my Mom took (though it was quick and not the best view)

In other news, our little chickies finally arrived last week! Unfortunately of our 6 chicks we ordered, one was left off the shipment, and one didn’t make it through the first day so we have four girls for now. We will be getting replacement chicks in a couple weeks though, so our brood will be one happy egg laying bunch! Meet our chicks Farrah, Frankie, Pumpkin and Jamal:

And the cluck hut