Lobsters, delicious and fashionable!

Oh no I didn’t! Oh but I did… I made a lobster dress! After seeing Karen’s lobster version of the Hazel dress blogged here, and Adrienne’s lobster print shirt dress  I knew that I needed to add some crustacean life to my wardrobe. I found a different lobster print that was a little more cartoony than the print that these ladies used, but I loved the pink/red color scheme. I decided to use my old standby Lisette passport pattern, I just LOVE this simple dress, it might be my all time favorite (but don’t quote me on that!)

For this version  decided it was time to add some pockets, itis the only thing this dress is missing!

I also want to point out this anthropologie lobster dress, I believe it is from a couple years ago. However, circa a couple years ago this bad boy was going for $130 give or take. I mean its is certainly a cute dress, but for real?? Another reason to learn how to sew ladies!

This past weekend was the annual Brew at the Zoo extravaganza here in Louisville, so I wore my lobster dress to stick with the animal theme. 🙂 Here I am with Chris and our good friends Dave and Jo.

Aww we match!

The festival started early evening, so a lot of the animals that are more active at night time were out and about. We have a huge gorilla exhibit and this lady was sitting right next to the glass, isn’t she beautiful!

And this jaguar was out showing off his spots, I am feeling some print inspiration from this guy!

It was a great day, we all had such a fun time! There was even a lady who stopped me and wanted to know where she could find my dress because it would be perfect for a lobster festival she attends each year up in Maine. If she is willing to bring me along, I think I could whip one out for her!