Colette Truffle

I finally got around to making my Truffle dress. I found this bluish/purple linen fabric (though it mostly looks purple in the pictures) and I was sold. Yes I know it is February and way to cold for linen but after seeing Cynthia’s Truffle in linen, blogged here, I loved how structured the fabric made the ruffle and the skirt. I think more flowy fabric makes the dress look a little flimsy. I probably won’t wear this until April for an event anyhow, so no biggie.


I love how it turned out! Since the dress is relatively simple and in a solid color it is the perfect canvas for jewelry. I hardly ever wear this necklace because its got so much going on, but I think its just what this dress needs.


I pretty much followed the instruction and made this dress quickly, there’s really not a whole lot to it. The top has easy lines and darts, the skirt pieces were quick and easy, and the ruffle was really a no briner. If the dress didn’t have the ruffle I think it’d be kind of boring. The only change I made was omitting the lining and just using bias tape around the neckline and armholes. It gets really hot here in the warmer months so I try to avoid lining at all costs, extra fabric = extra sweat!




I highly recommend this dress if the big ruffle is your sort of thing. That means you have to buy the Colette Sewing handbook, but with all the awesome tips and additional patterns it is well worth the cost!

Third place winner in the SuedeSays Rock Your Look Contest!

Yay!! I was just notified that I tied third place in the SuedeSays Rock Your Look Contest! I’m uber excited! Suede is a former contestant on Project Runway, and he now has his own line of patterns through Simplicity called SuedeSays. He had a video contest from April- May for everyone to use one of his patterns to make a design and show how you add your own spin and rock it. I debated between the romper on his pattern 2222 and then decided to go with the dress version since I can get more wear out of it, I don’t think I’m much of a romper kind of gal.

This photo is a little grainy, it is a still from my video submission (please ignore our roomba and the dog to the right). I found a really cute sparkly linen to use for my fabric, and it ended up looking kind of like suiting material (though much more fun). His patterns have 3 different looks to each; Edgy, Flirty and Classic. My look was more classic for sure since I could actually wear this to work with a sweater thrown over it. I replaced the buttons with some white pearl snaps. I didn’t add any studs to the look as the pattern called for, because studs just ain’t my thing either.

The pattern was easy to follow, the racer back and armhole were supported with bias tape ( not listed on the notations so keep an eye out)  the skirt and the bodice were attached with both a drawstring and elastic in the channel. I opted for twill tape for my drawstring, but I the closest I could get to matching my fabric was just plain black. It didn’t quite look right, and I think the belt pulls the look together better so it just got covered up in the end.

The only complaints I had about this look was that the armholes were pretty big, so when I adjusted these it ended up making the bust much smaller. The linen I used had zero stretch so each adjustment I made it pulled in the front, and it was a battle to find a happy medium between not pulling on the front opening to having gaping armholes. My finished look was a smidgen too tight in the bodice. Also, the bodice piece was very long and I have a short torso. Somehow I didn’t notice this until it was too late, so the top billowed out quite a bit, but I think different fabric could’ve made this effect work- the linen was very stiff. This was remedied again by my big belt, I just tucked all the extra fabric and drawstring under it and no one was any wiser.

The prizes I won included a Simplicity Autumn 2011 Catalog, and two patterns from the SuedeSays Autumn collection signed by Suede himself. I feel so honored to have been chosen as one of the winners! Although truth be told I am a little embarrassed of my video, I am no actress! I even wrote myself a little script so that I would cover all my bases when explaining my dress, and I wouldn’t allow my husband (who usually takes all my project photos) to tape it because he would have teased me. My very cool and nonjudgemental friend Ashley AKA Miss Jackson filmed it for me- thanks Miss j! If you would like to view my video checkout this link to Simplicity