McCalls 6240, my faux Victoria’s Secret dress

There is a one shoulder cheetah print dress that Victoria’s Secret has had in their catalog forever, I have been drooling over it and waiting for it to go on sale (it was like $88 BEFORE taxes and shipping!!) I can’t justify spending that much on a little dress, especially one like this that is really only appropriate for going out to the clubs which doesn’t really happen for me much anymore. However, as I said in a previous post my friends and I were throwing a surprise Bachelorette party for my friend Jo- the surprise being the location in Nashville TN. The red Simplicity dress I had made with this event in mind didn’t quite work out as I had planned, so needless to say this dress would’ve been perfect!

Soooo instead of ponying up $88+ for the Vickies dress, I went on the hunt for a pattern to attempt to replicate it. What I found was McCalls 6240, and it is quite possibly the easiest dress I have ever made. The pattern is just three pieces, the front, back and the sleeve. It was all cut and sewn in about an hour and a half. I used the shorter sleeve and straight hemline, and I just made the dress all one piece instead of using the contrast band.

I found a really fun red leopard print from in a very sleek soft rayon knit, I actually like my print better than the Vickies version. It goes great with my red high heels too, LOVE red! I did the math, and I could’ve made three of these dresses (possibly more)  + the cost of the pattern for less than the Vicky’s one too! Not too shabby…

The theme for Jo’s party was hot lady gear and WIGS! We all went out and bought ridiculous wigs, and we had an absolute blast in Nashville! Here we are all hanging out in front of Elvis and out on the town, and one with Captain Morgan!