Bumbles Bounce!

It s time again for my favorite holiday and ridiculous costume making! Even though it is Halloween, Chris and I decided to borrow a couple Christmas characters this year. My all time favorite Christmas movie is Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (the stop motion animation, not the cartoon) and the Bumble is by far the coolest character, Yukon Cornelius is a close second šŸ˜‰ I figured we could double up and make some fun Christmas cards with the photos in a couple months.

Bumble and yukon cornelius


See the resemblance? These were actually pretty easy costumes to make. I made pajama pants with an elastic waist out of white furry fleece from joanns. I just used an old pj pant pattern I have had forever, pj pants are so easy and comfy I really should make some flannel ones for the winter. Ā For the top, I just used a long sleeved shirt in my drawer as a pattern and sewed it up super quick. I serged all the seams inside so that it wouldn’t be itchy from the fur edges.



Obviously the Bumble head was the challenging part, but I got him put together in just a day. I started with a cheapo hat that had a brim, and I glued blue felt around the mouth area. Then I cut two pieces of the furry fleece, each big enough to stuff with polyfil and stand up, I glued these on the brim as well. Then I stuffed them full (well, not TOO full- it was kind of heavy!) and sewed the head closed. His face is a piece of foam with blue felt glued on and white felt for the eyes. His nose is another smaller piece of foam with blue felt t give it dimension. Ā I sewed this piece on the head, and glued on white felt teeth. Voila! The Bumble was born!


Yukon Cornelius was much easier, mostly because i didn’t have to make most of it. We just found an old blue jacket in Chris’s closet, and I had a black elastic belt. I made his ice pick out of cardboard and duct tape (very fancy) and found a toy gun at the dollar store. His beard is actually crocheted, I found this free patternĀ online and my mom crocheted it up. She modified it by making his mustache longer with some wire to make it stand up, and she made a red hat with ear muffs to attach to the beard. I think it turned out great, it was pretty hilarious!


We wore our costumes to a party at glassworks, and we had a total blast! Now that Halloween is over, I am hoping to get in some regular sewing time, my school schedule has been very time consuming so far this year and sewing has been put on hold out of pure exhaustion. Who’s ready for Thanksgiving break? This gal!

Brother Sergio is here! Just in time for Father’s Day

It’s here!! I FINALLY got a serger! I have been researching them and reading reviews to try to pick the best one and hands down the Brother 1034DĀ appears to be the best in the less expensive range (less expensive being around $200). I have been watching Craig’s List and ebay, but even the used models were on averageĀ at least $100. I figured for another $100 I could get a brand new one that came with all its parts, instruction manual as well as instructional dvd’s,Ā unused, I can register it online for a warranty, and if there is anything wrong with it when I plug it in I can return it.

I had a gift card to Best Buy that I earned fromĀ the Virgin Health Miles program that I participated in while they had it at work, and I went on-line and ordered him! I named him Brother Sergio, as he brought divinity to my sewing room o:)

It came pre-threaded with color coded thread which was really convenient. I now know how to tie off the ends to change thread spools, and I can also re-thread the entire machine from scratch. This was actually notĀ as challenging as many people have said it is, the machine has a step by step color coded guide in the inside to follow. The tricky part is getting the thread pulled through the back so that it will line up properly and chain off. Thank goodness a long pair of tweezers were included!

Since I got Sergio the week before Father’s Day I decided the perfect first project for him would be pjĀ pants for my Dad and my Father in Law Fred. I ended up just using the sergerĀ for the leg seams, I still don’t quite know how to hem with Sergio yet. A lot of people mentioned in reviews that this model bounces a lot when in use, however I actuallly thought the opposite. I have an old desk in my sewing room that has a glass top and on the bottom of Sergio there are suction cups that kept him firmly planted.

It finished seams like a dream! I am in love ā¤

Check out the final product, here is my Dad in his light house/beach inspired pj pants:

And here is Chris’s dad Fred taking a nap in his dog bone pj pants:

Happy Father’s Day to the two best Dads!!