Elizabeth is here!!

I am soooo excited, I finally got to go to Cincinnatti on Saturday and pick up my new Baby Lock Elizabeth sewing machine! She is amazing, I already feel so spoiled >:)

Right off the back I noticed how quiet she runs, she sews like butter.¬† Chris was in the other room and didn’t even realize that I was playing around with it. Since I already played with Jo’s machine I had a good idea of how to do all the basics. The needle threader is super convenient and I don’t have to worry about licking the end of my thread ever again! One of my favorite features is the auto thread cutter, its always such a pain to have to search around for my scissors and end up¬†finding them in the kitchen. Whoever came up with this function is a genius, thank you!

All the stitching functions are super easy and there are soooo many of them, there are three alphabets which will be great for making gifts. There are a lot of different button stiches as well, I haven’t tried any yet but I hear that this machine is known for its neat and tidy button holes. Check out all the stitches on the card, its crazy!

Here is a test run I did, I had to try out the little allligator, how cute is he?

Here is the dashboard, there is a pocket that you can save stitch patterns in, I haven’t started diving into that just yet though.

I already have my first project planned out, I’m so stoked to finally have a big girl machine!