Vogue 8750…. REMIX!

After making the flared version of 8750 in red corduroy, blogged here, I really wanted to give the pencil silhouette a go. I found this zig zag stetchy corduroy with blues and purples and I thought it would look really cool with the cut and pieces of this skirt.

The skirt is easy peasy to sew up, however the first time I made this, it ended up being HUGE and I had to take it in quite a ton. So this time I cut it smaller and used generous seam allowances and I think it ended up a hair too snug for my taste. Luckily it’s stretch so its not uncomfortable or restrictive. I guess I’ll just have to skip dinner before I wear it out!

I think it would look really cute paired with some pattern tights and booties, and a turtleneck. The back I went for an exposed zipper look, it was hard to match up my zig zags perfectly but oh well…

Overall, I think the zig zags give the skirt a dramatic look and this will probably see a lot of friends and fun these next few months!

Turkey skirt for turkey day! Kwiksew 3003

Its that time of year again! Lots of family fun, football, my mom’s amazing italian mushroom and sausage stuffing, my mother in laws addicive broccoli casserole and stuffing balls, bourbon, wine pumpkin pie, and yes…. TURKEY! After my friend at work (a budding seamstress) had expressed her interest to take on an easy skirt project to make for her daughter with a turkey pattern, I became inspired to create my own adult festive version. I don’t think I could pull off a cartoon  turkey print quite like her 4 year old, so I came up with an alternative design.  Ta-da!

I found a dark purple corduroy at Joann’s, and I broke out Kwiksew 3003 from my pattern stash, this is a really simple easy pattern. The instructions indicate an elastic waist, but I opted to make it drawstring. I do afterall need something roomy for my turkey day indulgence. I made the tie hidden on the inside so it wouldn’t bulge underneath my sweater. This skirt is a piece of cake- it can be finished in under an hour.

Next I enlisted my mother the master crochet artist’s help. She loves to crochet and I fully take advantage of this, although I would like to eventually learn the skill of crochet myself. I found this turkey crochet pattern and had my mom make it up with crochet cotton.  I prefer the crochet cotton to yarn for appliques such as this. The turkey ended up being about 6-7 inches wide which was perfect. I sewed it on the side of my skirt, it reminded me of something you could find at Urban Outfitters.

How cute is he?? Here I am at our friend’s Thanksgiving party holding he tray of (you guessed it) turkey! Dark meat 😉

It was quite a hit, I am looking to make up another one with an applique that I can wear all year.

Vogue 8750, new adventures in corduroy!

This month has started the new season of Halloween costumes, every year my friends and I pick a theme (last year was Jim Henson characters) and we all choose characters and I usually get commissioned to make a lot of them. Needless to say I have already been busy getting my costume madness on so I haven’t had much garment sewing time. I really wanted to start making some Fall items to add to my wardobe and I have had my eye on this Vogue skirt 8750, wich looked like a quick sew. It immediately struck me as a perfect corduroy skirt, not a suggested fabric, but I figured if moleskin and denim are recommended then corduroy would also work. The pencil skirt version is cute and I love the look of pencil skirts, but I find this shape to be a bit constrictive so I opted for the more flared A-line cut.

I have never worked with corduroy, and I have heard that it is not an easy fabric to work with since it has such a heavy grain to follow. Well maybe because this was such an easy pattern, or because this is such a fine wale, but I had not problems. In fact I found corduroy to be one of the easer fabrics I have worked with since it stays put. This corduroy was a raspberry color and had a little stretch to it which makes it really comfy.

The pattern came together very quickly and easily, although I way over estimated my size and length. I chose the middle length E, and after constructing the whole skirt I had to take in the sizes an inch each and I cut about 3 inches off the bottom and put a fairly wide hem in. Before doing this it was almost at my ankles! It fits great after the alterations although the seams and curves don’t match up perfectly anymore which annoys me a bit, but won’t stop me from wearing this. The zipper was kind of a pain too because I couldn’t get the back yoke to match up either, but I guess it isn’t too bad. My favorite part is the ribbon binding on the inside (even though only I will see it) I found these cheetah grosgrain ribbon and it rocks!

I would recommend this skirt with two thumbs up- I think I might actually try the pencil skirt version too. I really like the brown one they pictured on the envelope. I think this will see a lot of wear this upcoming Fall and Winter for sure.

On a side note, I went to my friend Jackie’s Mad Men party and I got to sport my seersucker dress, very 50’s! Check out my Peggy inspired hairdo, photo courtesy of my buddy Todd: