Gaud bless ‘Merica!

I tried out the new Cynthia Rowley pattern, 1688 and made it up in this very soft red, white and blue plaid. Very patriot y’all! This dress has a sweet heart neckline, contrast straps and and bodice detail.



It turned out ok, although I will say this one was a bit of a struggle. The bodice ended up slightly too big and billowy since I have a bit of a shallow chest. I added an extra contrast band to the back because it just didn’t look right to me with just the front band alone. This made matching up the waist seam and the contrast bands more of a challenge, and hence a lot of seam ripping and hair pulling. I think I can add an odd little dart near my armpits to fix the problem, but the straps ended up being slightly too short by accident. I am afraid taking it in on top will make the armholes really small. I can always bust out the seam ripper and make the straps longer, but for now… I rest.





The back plaid doesn’t line up on account of having the cut the side down slightly to accommodate the zipper, which also makes me a little nuts on this one. Gah!!



I used a navy blue invisible zipper to match the contrast band, but I think it s too dark for the rest of the dress.



For a first run at this dress it went ok, probably should have made a muslin. But I live on the edge y’all, Yee HAW!!

16 Comments on “Gaud bless ‘Merica!”

  1. I like the contour of the dress on you. Of course. being biased about red, white and blue, your dress looks gorgeous. Is there a way to take in the upper bodice? It would be a shame to not wear the dress after your efforts.

  2. Gjeometry says:

    Your dress turned out lovely! But, I know what you mean about patterns not lining up. I am trying to work on a striped knit top (my first attempt at working with a directional pattern) and it’s driving me batty! Lol. I want them ALL to be perfect. Yours is really not noticeable, I think because the checks/stripes are so close together, so harder to tell if they are not perfectly lined up. And, yes, I’d say adding some darts to the top would take it in perfectly. You may have to bit the bullet and let out the straps though. Oh well. 🙂 I think you should definitely wear it, it looks great.

    • cjgal says:

      Thank you! I guess frustration is normal especially when trying new items! I’m more annoyed with the fi than the checks matching up, but hopefully I can make it work

  3. sewbusylizzy says:

    I love this pattern I think it’s cute! Just been put off paying a ridiculously high price for it in Australia!
    I think you did the right thing adding the back band… even if you did pull your hair out!

  4. Meigan says:

    This dress is very cute and you made a great choice by adding the contrasting back band. By looking at your photos I think the bust darts are too high and that is making the bodice so billowy on you. The darts should point to the bust apex and that should help remove some of that extra fabric on your upper chest. I never noticed this pattern before, but it is adorable. Nice job

  5. Lisa says:

    Cute dress!!

  6. gingermakes says:

    How cute are you?! Love this dress on you!

  7. Kristina says:

    It’s gorgeous and it looks so good on you!!

  8. sewmanju says:

    Inspite of your problems this looks so cute on you, and love it with the boots.

  9. I agree with everything everyone else has said! Its a cute dress and the shape and colours suit you really nicely. I shall pop off and check out this pattern too though probably if the shipping is dear to Aus then it will be more so to NZ. Sigh!

  10. macstabby says:

    Super cute dress! Love the fabric. Extra points for cowboy boots!

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