Sewing for my man! Ain’t he cute in his Negroni shirt?

I haven’t made anything for my guy in a while so I decided it was high time to try out the Colette Negroni shirt for him. I LOVE this pattern! I was worried since he is long and lean that the fitting would be off, but with some adjustments I think I nailed it! Isn’t he a stud?


I have made several shirt dresses so I was prepared for the process of making this shirt. The directions were easy to follow, but some of the piecing and techniques were new. I think the most challenging part was figuring out the back panel facing and the front placket piecing together. It was a bit of a cluster f*ck for a while but somehow it magically fit together like a somewhat complicated jigsaw puzzle.


I had two choices of plaid shirting for him to choose from and he picked this bold blue, pink and green plaid. I think it brings out his pretty blue eyes. His measurements were right between a small and medium, so I cut the shirt in medium and decided to just size it down from there. Some of the changes that I made were taking in the sides so that the shirt would taper in a bit more at his waist. He has a long thin torso so the shirt was slightly too baggy. The sleeves were also a bit too baggy and reeeally long. I took in the sleeves and cut about two inches off the sleeve length. I think I might have made them a hair short but they don’t look bad and he only complained a little bit, so lesson learned for next time. He is picky about the length of his shirts, and since this is a more casual weekend shirt he wanted it to hit right at his waist since he didn’t plan on tucking it in.


I cut the back yolk against the grain so that the plaid would face the opposite direction. I love how it turned out! Chris had wanted me to add opposing plackets to the front which would have looked pretty groovy as well but unfortunately I didn’t have enough fabric to pull it off. I wish I had done the pockets like this as well but whatevs, maybe next time.


I used snaps instead of buttons, he just doesn’t have enough snap shirts in his closet! I had a few snafus while installing these, I was enjoying a glass of wine while putting them on the shirt and I somehow hammered the wrong pieces together TWICE… luckily Chris is super handy and he busted out his pliers and removed them with no rips or crying from me. What a guy! he saved his Negroni! There is one snap towards the bottom that is slightly off, but I am so over messing with the snaps that he’s just going to have to deal with one imperfection.

In other news, our chickens are running around and laying eggs like crazy! I think we have four dozen eggs in our fridge, we can’t keep up with these ladies!





Here Chris is with our favorite chicken Jamal, she’s so sweet.

I would definitely recommend this pattern, he has already requested another one so looks like the Negroni will be revisited. I am hoping it warms up sooner than later so that I can make him sleeveless ones and not mess with those cuffs!

17 Comments on “Sewing for my man! Ain’t he cute in his Negroni shirt?”

  1. gingermakes says:

    What a great shirt! Your hubs does look cute! Great job, girl!

  2. Melizza says:

    I love the Negroni pattern. Your choice of fabric is awesome. Looks great!

  3. Lisa says:

    Wow! Love the shirt! It turned out great and looks so professional!!! High five! Your chickens are so cute to! Thanks for posting!

    • cjgal says:

      Thanks gal! I think it turned out pretty crisp, otherwise he wouldn’t be seen in public. Rather picky… On that note, great pattern! And yes, the chickens are dabomb, can’t get enough of them

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    This shirt looks perfect to me. The colours suit you man so well!

  5. Amanda says:

    This looks super rad! Really well constructed and the back placket looks super cool. Bonus points for your rad chickens πŸ˜€

  6. CGCouture says:

    Be careful, sewing for the menfolk can get kind of addictive because their “fitting issues” are so much more straightforward. πŸ˜‰ Great job!

  7. Well done, well done! And good on you getting through all those alterations-I’m putting together a pattern for Carl at the mo’ and athletic build is stumping all of the sizing in every pattern I’ve looked at. Am wondering whether it’d be less painful to just draft from scratch. Sh*te. Totally leaving this tab open for inspiration and to keep me from giving up. Big ups to you lady. These recent makes are a massive jump forward in terms of sewing accomplishment. Cheers.

    • cjgal says:

      Thank you! You are too kind, although I really appreciate the encouraging words. I really want to start trying more outside the box projects, though the dresses always suck me in! Good luck on your man’s shirt, I am sure it will end up looking fantastic! I already have a request from my Father in law for one. He and my Mother in law go square dancing pretty frequently and he needs a proper square dancing shirt. It will be a totally different fit than my hubs!

  8. He is a cutie patootie. Absolutely perfect Negroni. Nice choice of fabric/colors. You nailed it!! Hugs and pecks to Jamal.

  9. This turned out just great! I was deciding whether or not to use pearl snaps on mine , my husband thinks they might be too westerny but I think they look really cool! I’m definitely doing the pearl snaps now after seeing yours.

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