Color Blockin’

I am reeeally digging the color blocking trend this season, so I got pumped when I saw Vogue 8805. I wanted to make this dress because it looked like something quick that I could throw on over some leggings and boots or transition into warm weather nicely. I read a bunch of the reviews on it and it seemed easy enough to put together. I’ll say it was quick, but for some reason halfway through the process I got in my head that it was going to turn out horrible. Not sure if it was the fabric (slinky ponte knit for the top and middle color blocks- I wanted them to be more of a heavy jersey knit) or because my serger started getting all cranky on me, but I got the maybe I should throw in the towel blues on this dress. Luckily I stepped away and took a little breather before finishing it, I think it turned out cute!


I cut a straight size 10 which ended up being the perfect size. This pattern had custom fit bust sizes, I am usually a C-cup however after reading the other reviews and going by the sizing on the pattern I went ahead and cut the A cup because this pattern runs pretty big apparently. I think I made the right choice.


I have a ton of the red knit that I used for the bottom block, I plan to use the rest for a full dress. Not sure what just yet…. ย For the middle and top I ordered pone knit from and although they both had the exact same description the ivory knit was much more light and sheer than the brown and they were both slinkier than I had anticipated. I guess that’s the nature of the beast when ordering fabric online without a swatch first ย :/ ย It worked out ok though, the brown knit is heavy and doesn’t show too many lumps and bumps.

I picked these colors because I just bought this rad metal necklace on my trip to Nashville with my hubs last month and I thought they would go nicely. The necklace needs a high neckline or else it just goes straight down my cleavage! I love it though, had to bring it home with me.


Have you ever made an outfit specifically to go with one accessory? I feel like I have done this a couple times, but I am a sucker for statement jewelry!

35 Comments on “Color Blockin’”

  1. Leila says:

    Love the color blocked dress! You look so awesome.

    • cjgal says:

      Thanks gal! Its not as cool as a Trekky uniform but I’ll still rock it out ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Leila says:

        hehe. well, it’s just a different world. Hey, I was reading your bio. Didn’t know you were in KY. I’m in IN. Small world. (or did we talk about this already- I swear I have early dementia)

      • cjgal says:

        No I didn’t know that! Where in Indy? We are practically neighbors ( in the blogosphere at least)

      • Leila says:

        Yeah, I’m in Indy. That’s like 2 hours from you, right? That is totally close, especially when you’re looking at a map of the U.S.

  2. cal says:

    Beautiful! I love how you were inspired by the necklace and its colors. Looks so nice all together.

  3. Cynthia says:

    This came out so cute and it showcases that bomb necklace DIVINELY!

  4. sewbusylizzy says:

    This is an awesome version. I glad you got through the sewing blues and made it up.

  5. Amanda says:

    What a fabulous frock! I am loving your colour choices and the matching with your necklace. I’ve started making a few pieces that feature bits of yellow (a previously forbidden colour) to go with this fab necklace I bought a ways back. So glad to hear I am not the only one who does this!

  6. Salma says:

    I love it! Classic color combo!

    • cjgal says:

      Thank you! Hopefully it’ll go with any future accessory splurges I have so that I don’t have to make another dress to match! Or maybe I do… Hmmmm

  7. IngeMaakt says:

    Great dress! Love the colour combo. Glad you didn’t threw in the towel ๐Ÿ™‚ though I know that feeling.

  8. Cute dress, way to persevere! I have some purple shoes that I wore for my wedding that I still need to make a dress to wear with… But so far I don’t think I’ve planned around accessories. I also have a special silk scarf I’ve never worn for lack of a garment that matches. So one day I do plan to make garments for these accessories ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This is one of the cooler makes I have seen with this pattern. The red is a surprise-I was scrolling hoping the last block wouldn’t be a print – and it wasn’t XD Ooh love the necklace-it looks so tribal and contemporary at the same time.

  10. gingermakes says:

    LOVE this! It’s so cute on you! And it works perfectly with the necklace! Glad you stuck with this and finished it.

  11. Mary in FL says:

    That turned out Great!

  12. Very cute dress! And I love the necklace, too! I don’t think it is bad at all to make a garment to match an accessory ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Very cute! Just like all your other dresses are.

  14. Dawn says:

    Very cute dress and it looks really comfortable

  15. puu says:

    i have to admit, i chuckled when i saw the pattern release-but your version is great! it looks comfy, and stylish, and on-trend but not too trendy…just a fabulous make.

    • cjgal says:

      Thanks! I think the latest Vogue patterns require some vision before sewing. They have such strange models in odd poses its hard not to be distracted by the ridiculousness

  16. Sarah Jo says:

    I’ve read a few of your pattern reviews and have added several of your completed projects to my list. This dress is great! I’m in Lexington–I wish there was an apparel fabric shop nearby, although I might venture to Cincinnati and see if I can’t get my hands on the fabric before I buy it! At least I can return my purchase fails from!

    • cjgal says:

      Thank you! Ugh Louisville has no good fabric shops either, we have Joann’s and Hancocks, the commercial places but the choices are generally limited and poor quality. I went to a store in Cincinnati called Banasch’s, it was more of a giant warehouse with tons of cheap supplies and patterns, a lot of upholstery fabric. If you go to any other places up there please let me know if you find some good ones! I might have to road trip it up there myself this summer!

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