Lisette shirt dress… take 25!

Ok I think I have an addiction problem with this shirt dress pattern… this is seriously like the 5th version I’ve made. I just wear all of them so much that I figure I can’t go wrong with another! I found this vintage plaid shirting with a silver metallic stripe weaved in the grain and I immediately had a vision of this shirt dress. I know I need to branch out and try new items but for some reason I just haven’t been really drawn to many of the new patterns that have been released this season, and that is cross the board on all the companies. A lot of them look very similar to patterns I already own so I figured hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.



The good thing about making the same pattern over and over is that it sewing it becomes a piece of cake. I sized this up 2 sizes bigger than normal because the shirting material doesn’t leave much room for stretch or movement. I didn’t really follow the directions but if you are making this dress for the first time they are pretty good. For the collar pressed under both edges of the opening after turning it right side out and top stitched it right onto the dress. I found this much quicker and easier than lining up the raw edges and catching the fold. It also looks much more clean and finished. I also omitted all the interfacing the dress calls for, this is a casual dress so I don’t think having stiff plackets and a collar is really necessary.









I love how it turned out, I think its definitely more of a spring print but whatever I don’t care, clearly I have spring fever in January. I wore it out last night with sweater tights and boots and it was a-ok!

I would tell you that I probably won’t make another one of these Lisette shirt dresses, but we all know that is a big fat lie- its a tried and true! I keep hoping that they will release more Lisette patterns since I love so many of the ones they have available but I guess time will tell.


20 Comments on “Lisette shirt dress… take 25!”

  1. Looks terrific! Very stylish.

  2. Nothing wrong with a good TNT!! Make a million of them!! So cute. Love that sparkly stripe!! And of course I’m living for those boots. Awesome dress.

  3. Amanda says:

    That fabric is divine! This had turned out fabulously and the brown belt really finishes the look 🙂 Side note- I need osme pearl snaps STAT- they look fab!

  4. punkmik says:

    i have one of their patterns and still havent made it. shame on me! this looks great! love the sparkly bits too!

  5. vivjm says:

    It’s a cute pattern & really suits you. I can see why you keep making them!

  6. gingermakes says:

    This is soooooo cute! The fabric is perfect! It looks amazing on you!

  7. CGCouture says:

    Cute, cute, cute! I think this is my favorite of your dresses so far! 🙂

  8. why haven’t I heard of Lissette…?! Looking up now.
    You dress is so cute, and I’m jealous you have a TNT pattern! I tend to jump from one pattern to the next. I do like the Renfrew top pattern, but other than that…

  9. So cute, I love this pattern too.. and all of the lisette patterns.

  10. Love your shirtdress. I have been hanging on to this pattern forever now but haven’t made it yet. Maybe by the time you make a few more versions, I will get around to doing it 🙂

  11. I have a shirt dress in my ‘to make’ pile and I’m liking your sparkles & stripes Lisette. Oh and pockets. Can’t have enough pockets me thinks!

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