Summer Hazel, Fall Hazel

After my Mother in law found this amazing vintage gingham at a yard sale I felt compelled to sew it up into a cute dress. Its obviously a bright summery color, but I think with a sweater and some boots I can take it into the Fall without any nasty “she’s wearing white after labor day” looks from old fashioned Grandma types. I got out good old Hazel pattern to showcase the plaid on the bodice “V” seam. I think it ended up being really cute! Pardon the color in these photos, I am on the verge of a camera update, it needs to happen.

Ah see? You can feel the seasons change with the sweater. Ready to go pumpkin pickin Hazel!

11 Comments on “Summer Hazel, Fall Hazel”

  1. IngeMaakt says:

    Nice dress, the boots&vest combination looks great and the colours really suit you!

  2. punkmik says:

    lovely! bright and flowy for summer and goes great with winter boots too! Well done! 😀 Love the yellow on you!

  3. kokorimbaud says:

    What a lovely take on Hazel! And I totally agree, depending on how you accessorize it, it can make the transition to fall/winter wardrobe without a hitch 🙂

  4. Sara Noemi says:

    I like the transition from summer wear to fall wear. I think this will be a great dress when we’re well into fall and getting sick of all those gray and neutral colors. A welcome pop of color!

  5. Velosewer says:

    You did a great job matching the fabric pattern. Cool.

  6. dressesandme says:

    Very pretty! It looks great in that fabric!

  7. JAN CANN says:

    I realley must get myself sorted and get sewing laMBRETTAGAL

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