Thurlow Jeans :D

Here is my second attempt at the Thurlows, I found this very light weight denim in almost a baby blue hue. I used to have this awesome pair of flared light blue vintage jeans that I found at a thrift shop and I LOVED them, but I somehow lost them during those college years. My goal was to try to recreate these, and I think these are close enough!

I’d like to say that this second go went off without a hitch, but we all know that’s a big fat lie. I will say that I cut these 4 sizes smaller and they fit much┬áMUCH better than the first. However, since this denim was much less sturdy than the denim material I used last time I had more problems with the welt pockets. I had to put in stitching along the sides and it came out kind of lumpy. meh… and then the worst part, somehow I misaligned the pockets in the back and they are totally uneven, I have a crooked butt!

I tried to fix it by shortening the waistband which got a little pinched and weird too, so.. yeah, kind of a mess. But I will say that I I moved the placement down more and I think that it looks more flattering than the last pair. My zip fly turned out really well, I need to move my button down a hair to line up my band better but other than that I am really pleased with how it turned out.

Despite my crooked arse, I think I’ll still wear these- why not? Nothing a long shirt can’t handle.