Jumping on the Thurlow band wagon

I have seen Sewaholic  Thurlows popping up left and right so when my copy arrived in the mail I was super motivated to try it out myself. I really had wanted to make these in a light weight vintagey looking denim but since the odds were I’d probably screw these up the first time around I just went to the big box store Joann’s and found this stretchy turquoise denim. It appeared to be denim in the store, it was in the denim section afterall. While I was cutting it (forever) it looked  like denim, but once I started sewing with it it started feeling more like some 70’s synthetic polyester… not sure what’s up that. It wrinkles easily too, mystery fabric!

Anyhow, this pattern was pretty time consuming from start to finish. As many of you other bloggers have said, there are a bijillion pieces to cut out. I have seen some comment that the cutting process is a relaxing, therapeutic activity prior to sewing, but I personally fall in the other spectrum on the pattern cutting process. I find it to be a pain in the ass, mostly because my sewing room is small and I end up laying my fabric out in the kitchen and scotting around the hardwood floor. But hey, to each their own- I’d love for one of you all to come cut my patterns for me, I’ll provide the vino!

This is the first pair of pants I have made that aren’t pj bottoms or shorts so this was a welcome challenge! The first mistake I made was waaaay over estimating my size. I cut an 8, but I was swimming in these things when I tried them on. To fix the problem I took in the sides A LOT (like 3- 4 inches) and it pulled my back welt pockets pretty far apart. In hindsight (no pun intended) I should have taken in the butt area a bit too. I hate when my back pockets are far apart because it gives the illusion that you have a huge arse, in an unflattering mom jeans kind of way.

The other issue I ran into was sewing my zipper too close to the edge of the fly. I was following the directions step by step so I didn’t even notice until too late thatthere was not enough flap to cover my zipper. I could go back and redo it, but I’m a little burnt out on these pants for now. I moved my button over further to try to hide it for now 😉

The lining I used was the plaid from my mood fabric I bought in New York. I thought it looked cute with the turquoise

Finally, These pants were LOOOONG! I took them up about 7 inches. Its funny I don’t feel like I’m that short, I walk around and feel like I’m eye level with people when I talk to them (unless they are freakishly tall). Then I see photos of myself standing next to them and I realize I am a shrimp. Oh well, at least I can wear high heels with no worry!

Overall for my first go at this pattern I think these turned out ok. I will probably wear my shirts over the top portion to cover my mistakes, but they are comfy and a fun color. Mark my words these will be made again!!


15 Comments on “Jumping on the Thurlow band wagon”

  1. sewbusylizzy says:

    Great job – the second time around is soooo much easier!!
    Great welts, nice and tidy even if they aren’t exactly where you want them.
    Is it just me…. I always feeling like drawing a smiley under them and a little nose cos they remind me of alien eyes… yup, probably just me…

    • cjgal says:

      Thanks! The welts went off without a hitch- I was sure to use interfacing despite using a somewhat heavy fabric. The stiffer the better!
      Aliens have big almond shaped eyes… Or do they?? Maybe we will find out in the mars rover landing footage 😉

      • punkmik says:

        when you say interfacing, do you mean where you cut the pocket slit or on the welts themselves?

      • cjgal says:

        The welts themselves, I think if the pocket had interfacing the corners would crinkle up. I suppose you could add interfacing AFTER you cut the pocket slit and invert the welts to stabilize everything. The inside would look like crap but oh well right? Only you see the inside.

  2. Andrea says:

    Man, I’m getting jealous of everyone who actually completes a pair of Thurlows. Yours are cute! I tried making a muslin the other day and got so lost in the instructions about the fly that I just gave up. Granted, this pattern is a lot of “firsts” for me, so I’m blaming my failure on the fact that the instructions are so brief with weird unclear drawings. Ah well. Maybe I’ll try again another day…

    • cjgal says:

      I hear ya, the directions are long and confusing. I had the whole day off today and no one to go to the pool with so I rolled up my sleeves and tackled it. My husband keeps telling me I need to step up my game and try out some pants so this was also in part to shut him up. Now that I’ve tried them out I think the next pair will be smooth sailing, but be sure to cut SMALL! Sweet Jesus they were big

  3. punkmik says:

    I love these! The bright colour is great on you! I am currently getting up the courage to start sewing mine together again. just need to cut the interfacing and then i am all prepared.
    Although I do find the cutting process quite relaxing, I hear you about the small space! I sew in our small living room on our fold out dining table. so things get very messy and I have had things lie on top of each other and cutting through stuff which is very annoying. Next time I am looking for a sewing room!

    • cjgal says:

      Thanks lady! Man it drives me crazy because we have a cat and dog and they just follow me around and get in my way. The cat especially, she will lay down on my fabric and pattern pieces and head butt me until I shoo her away. Sigh…

      • punkmik says:

        oh mine is just the same! He pretests all fabrics to see how comfy they are, then “helps” my chasing it and jumping on the pattern pieces and he likes to steal my chair while I am trying things on. lol

  4. lakaribane says:

    I think the color is great too, very flattering. If you can stand wearing them without having a seizure over the mistake (you know that feeling, right? like, all you can think is ishouldhaveinterfacedtheoutercollarwhyismynecklinenotlayingflatismyhemcrookedthisdressisamessssss). But I have to react to this comment:

    «ts funny I don’t feel like I’m that short, I walk around and feel like I’m eye level with people when I talk to them (unless they are freakishly tall). Then I see photos of myself standing next to them and I realize I am a shrimp»

    Sister, you are not alone. I’m barely over 5′ and I only realize it at the oddest times. Like in line at the Miami airport and this Spaniard is standing next to me, talking on the phone and suddenly it occurs to me that I fit completely and utterly under his armpit.

    I instigated a rule, when I still lived en famille with my 5’11 brother: anything above 5′ was out of my purview. He was always looking for his student id or his keys…but he likes to put them on the top shelf, fridge top etc. Sorry, can’t help you look if I can’t see anything to begin with!!!!

  5. cjgal says:

    Haha thank you! I just have to remind myself that most people ont realize that I make half the stuff I wear and aren’t searching for mistakes- I don’t do that to other people after all.

    I think we both have “Napoleon syndrome”. I don’t mind but I could do without the short jokes like my husband calling me short stack (as in the short stack of pancakes) and others. Your brother can enjoy his Birdseye view because we get to look up at the world! Hee Hee..

  6. I don’t like cutting either… it’s such a bothersome part of the process 😉
    Bravo on finishing pants!! One day I will tackle the fly front pants. One day.

    • cjgal says:

      I actually found installing a fly zipper easier than a regular zipper surpringly. The big challenge with these pants is the welt pockets. They aren’t too bad though, just be sure to use interfacing

  7. Kristin says:

    These are awesome for your first pair of real pants! I have made many, many pairs of pants, and a good- fitting pattern is hard to come by. I’ve made countless wadders to prove it. Can’t wait to see pair #2!

  8. gingermakes says:

    These are CUTE! I really, really like them!

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