Jumping on the Thurlow band wagon

I have seen Sewaholic  Thurlows popping up left and right so when my copy arrived in the mail I was super motivated to try it out myself. I really had wanted to make these in a light weight vintagey looking denim but since the odds were I’d probably screw these up the first time around I just went to the big box store Joann’s and found this stretchy turquoise denim. It appeared to be denim in the store, it was in the denim section afterall. While I was cutting it (forever) it looked  like denim, but once I started sewing with it it started feeling more like some 70’s synthetic polyester… not sure what’s up that. It wrinkles easily too, mystery fabric!

Anyhow, this pattern was pretty time consuming from start to finish. As many of you other bloggers have said, there are a bijillion pieces to cut out. I have seen some comment that the cutting process is a relaxing, therapeutic activity prior to sewing, but I personally fall in the other spectrum on the pattern cutting process. I find it to be a pain in the ass, mostly because my sewing room is small and I end up laying my fabric out in the kitchen and scotting around the hardwood floor. But hey, to each their own- I’d love for one of you all to come cut my patterns for me, I’ll provide the vino!

This is the first pair of pants I have made that aren’t pj bottoms or shorts so this was a welcome challenge! The first mistake I made was waaaay over estimating my size. I cut an 8, but I was swimming in these things when I tried them on. To fix the problem I took in the sides A LOT (like 3- 4 inches) and it pulled my back welt pockets pretty far apart. In hindsight (no pun intended) I should have taken in the butt area a bit too. I hate when my back pockets are far apart because it gives the illusion that you have a huge arse, in an unflattering mom jeans kind of way.

The other issue I ran into was sewing my zipper too close to the edge of the fly. I was following the directions step by step so I didn’t even notice until too late thatthere was not enough flap to cover my zipper. I could go back and redo it, but I’m a little burnt out on these pants for now. I moved my button over further to try to hide it for now 😉

The lining I used was the plaid from my mood fabric I bought in New York. I thought it looked cute with the turquoise

Finally, These pants were LOOOONG! I took them up about 7 inches. Its funny I don’t feel like I’m that short, I walk around and feel like I’m eye level with people when I talk to them (unless they are freakishly tall). Then I see photos of myself standing next to them and I realize I am a shrimp. Oh well, at least I can wear high heels with no worry!

Overall for my first go at this pattern I think these turned out ok. I will probably wear my shirts over the top portion to cover my mistakes, but they are comfy and a fun color. Mark my words these will be made again!!