Colette Iris shorts for one HOT July

Happy 4th of July Yall! Man it is hot, I drove by the big time/thermometer that flashes outside our neighborhood the other day and I kid you not it read 106 degrees! That just ain’t right. Our chicken’s eggs will fry on the way out their butts! They have been broadcasting extreme heat warnings on the local stations and while I appreciate their concern I have say no sh#@ sherlock, just walk outside! Weather of these temperatures require lots of AC and smaller clothing, in which I will now present my take on the new Colette Iris shorts.

I made these in gray linene that I found at good old Joann’s, hence why they are wrinkly as a rhino’s tookus. I actually ironed them right before putting them on, but I guess that’s the name of the game. They ended up slightly baggy however I am pretty happy with them. I am not really a short coochie cutter tight shorts kind of girl, I prefer them a bit more modest and comfortable these days.

I read the reviews that people have written on these so far and many people said how quickly they came together. I didn’t  really find that to be the case with these, however I did spread them out over a few nights so my total sewing time may be skewed in my mind. The directs were easy to follow as most colette patterns have been for me so far. I am getting a lot better with invisible zipper even though I don’t have an invisible zipper foot. (I did go order one on Amazon this week though for like $12, why not?) I love the pockets and I really like the button detail, I think they would’ve been rather plain without them, however mine are in a blah gray where a bright color would pop fine without buttons. I just really wanted to go with a neutral so that I could wear them a lot.

Everything was smooth sailing until the facings came into play. I decided to forgo the interfacing and just do a self line because I didn’t want them to be all stiff. They are shorts afterall! For some reason my facing was a hair too short and I couldn’t quite get it to reach all the way to the zipper so I had to stretch it a bit- the top corner ended up getting funky. It also threw off my side seam and they don’t quite line up. I guess its not a big deal because I don’t generally tuck shirts into my shorts, the mess ups will stay hidden 😉

Instead of hand tacking the facing down (I HATE hand tacking) I just top stitched right over the seam. My thread blended in really well so you can’t even see it, and once again my shirt covers it anyhow. The leg holes were reeeeally big and I ended up taking them in about an inch at the crotch area before I hemmed them. Overall I am pretty happy with these, I wore them out to the bar with my friends and nobody asked if I made them, which to me is always a good sign that they look well made!

Maddie assisted in the construction of these, but only because I had the AC cranked up. Ain’t she sweet?