Soul searching

Up until now I have been keeping this blog mostly focused on sewing and arts and crafts projects and not so much about my personal life. It can be difficult to know what a person behind a blog is really like and the things that they may have going on in their lives because really, all you know is what the person wants to tell you. I have been trying to use this blog as a happy outlet, an escape from daily humdrum of my worklife and some pretty serious obligations I have going on for the time being. The truth is, 2012 has been the most difficult year of my life. The first week of January I lost my Dad very unexpectedly after he broke his ankle taking down Christmas lights, we won’t ever really know exactly what happened but I strongly believe it was due to a blood clot from his surgery that caused a massive heart attack. It was the most horrific experience of my life and I think about him and miss him terribly every single day. The past few months have been more stress than I have ever known with helping out my mom with things, a very difficult semester of school, my car being totaled a month ago (not my fault for the record) and a full time job on top of it. Additionally, my Father in law has been battling colon cancer since this past Fall. He is doing well with his treatments and he has a great support system, but it is of course a constant worry for my husband and my in-law family.

My 30th birthday was in March, and not having my dad there made what should have been a monumental day with celebrations pretty sad and empty. I am at a point where I can see just how short life really can be. Who the hell knows when their last day will be? That being said I have decided it is time to throw caution to the wind and start taking risks. I am in my third decade of life, and it is never too early to start soul searching and checking some items off the bucket list. So with this new attitude, I thought to myself, what is the most outrageous thing that anyone would consider doing in their lifetime? Well skydiving of course. The one sport that puts you eye to eye with fear, reality and spiritual release.

And here I am! It was a done deal for me- check it off the list, and I got 12 of my friends to do it with me! My sister in-law Olivia joined the crew at the last minute and we jumped out of the plane together. The funny thing is I didn’t get scared the whole time, not while we were training,  flying up in the plane, hanging out the door or falling in the sky. It was absolutely amazing, and I had a blast. Here are some photos from our incredible day:

Suiting up!

From the left: my brother in Law Josh (he had already jumped at this point), my sister in law Olivia sporting the purple jumpsuit, my husband Chris (who will NEVER jump) and my sister in law Rachel.

Practising my jump with my tandem instructor Larry:


Even Harper got to come along and watch from the observation deck!

I highly recommend going skydiving, as crazy as it sounds, it was the most fun thing I have done in a very long time. I hope to continue to cross items off the old bucket list, but more importantly pick up the pieces and have good experiences to look forward to. I know that I will always have the people most important to me there with me no matter what.