I got a Liebster!

I logged in last week and had the sweetest post from Shannon at Shanni Loves… she awarded me and 3 other amazing bloggers the Liebster award! I have never received a blog award before, so I feel especially flattered to have been acknowledged having only been on the scene for under a year or so. I was also stoked to find new blogs to stalk by some awesome fellow sewists, especially Cynthia at Dapper Duds, I think her vintage style is adorable and she makes such great “Zooey Deschanel” dresses as she puts it 🙂 The rules to the Liebster award as follows:

~ Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog

~ Choose 3-5 blogs with less than 200 followers and pass it on

~ Display the Liebster Award somewhere on your blog 

 I am not sure if these up and coming sewists have less than 200 followers or not, but I really enjoy reading about what they make and seeing the amazing photos they post.

The first is Kristen at The Funky Seamstress, she takes on such challenges in her creations and she has made some incredible costumes which are true to my heart. Check out the amazing lion costume she made!
Second I love Andrea at FourSquareWalls, she is a fellow Louisvillian and all the pieces that she makes really embody the chic hipster attitude that this city is all about. I love how impeccable she makes her clothes as well!
Finally, Maria from Kazmoda, she’s new to the blog sewing scene but so far I love everything she has made. I am in love with the gorgeous coat she made for the New Year, a sewing venture I have yet to make!
On a side note, I noticed today I am the featured member on Pattern Review!
I thought that was pretty cool. Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket or something 😉
Happy Sewing yall!

6 Comments on “I got a Liebster!”

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh wow, thank you for the award! I think I found you on PatternReview a long time ago when I was getting back into apparel sewing, so I was reading your blog before I even started my own. I was like, “Well that’s kinda fun, having a blog showing off your handmade clothes!” so here we are. It’s good to know there are others out there in Louisville with my same hobby. Let’s protest and get Baer Fabrics to come back, what do you say?

    • cjgal says:

      Yes! I miss Baer, hancocks and Joann’s are ok but sometimes a girl needs more options. I am glad there are other sewers out there under the age of 60 (not that there’s anything wrong with sewers in their gold and silver years, I sure will be!) I love all your projects and you are very welcome, maybe we should start a local sewers unite club or something, that would be awesome!

  2. Lisa D says:

    I discovered your blog through patternreview.com…I noticed you had made most of the patterns I was looking up! What a great blog, it’s inspiring and motivating to me to keep at it. I completed my first simplicity dress (2549) yesterday. One thing I struggle with is sizing (luckily I chose the right one for this dress). Would you be willing to share what sizes you wear at say, Gap or similar, and the pattern sizes you make in Mcalls, vogue, simplicity? I’m just never sure which size to choose. Thanks so much! I may be back to ask some questions regarding your serger (I ordered the same one and it should be here this week).
    Sorry to hear about your loss =(

  3. cjgal says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks so much! I wear a size 6 is rtw (ready to wear) clothes from department stores and such. I have found that patterns run much smaller and definitely need adjustments and tweaking as you go. Simplicity seems to run bigger than mccalls, vogues and butterick. I usually cut a 10 or a 12 and size them down from there. There’s a lot of factors such as seam allowances, the style of the garment like if it’s fitted or more billowy, these all make a difference. I find that I stop and try things on little by little during the construction process. It’s a little more tricky when making things for others, I try to stick to stretchy dresses and skirts ( or casserole carriers!) for gifts 😉 Its a learning process and you just need patience and the Internet- I look up how to make certain seams on YouTube all the time and pattern review is an excellence resource. I would love to see what you make and how your dress turned out!

    • Lisa D says:

      Perfect, we’re the same size! That makes it easy….guess I will cut a 10 in Simplicity and a 12 in the rest. Thanks for the help. I’m having a ball looking through your whole blog and all the dresses you’ve made. My list of patterns to buy keeps getting longer and longer…. good thing Joanns has Mcalls patterns for .99 next week. =)

  4. Kristin says:

    Hi, CJ! Thank you so much for passing this on to me! It is my first blog award, as well! I’ve just done up my new post, so check it out here! http://thefunkyseamstress.blogspot.ca/2012/05/liebster-award.html
    I used a couple pictures from your blog; I thought it made it much more interesting. Thanks again!

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