“Vintage” Vogue 8728

In an effort to start using up my fabric stash as well as tapping into my pattern collection I decided it was time to try Vogue 8728. I saw the version by the Sew Convert in a solid teal knit and it turned out so beautiful! I love how she styled it, and it ooks perfect for just about any occasion. I have had this knit black and white material in my stash FOREVER, it was in the bottom of my bin actually, so I figured it would be great for my first run at this dress (the pattern would hide any imperfections, always a plus!)

I think my dress turned out alright, but I have many things to say about this pattern. First off, this thing was HUGE! I could have easily cut 2 sizes smaller, and the length was at my ankles… literally. My torso is very short so I ended up taking up the midriff section by 2-3 inches, otherwise the waist would have fallen below my hips. I also had to take in the sides quite a bit, the corners ended up getting a little bunchy despite trimming the seams down each time. I think this silhouette is best on tall thin ladies with minimal hips.

The gathering on the bust didn’t quite sit as nicely as I would have liked, but I think that I could remedy this and take the gathers in some more on my next go. The neck binding was actually not as difficult as I thought it would be, this is usually something I struggle with however the topstitching wasn’t my favorite.

Another thought I had on this pattern was that I don’t think it looks particularly “vintage”. Even in the pictures on the website with the girl styled for the 40’s this dress itself looks rather modern to me.

I didn’t bother making the covered belt because I really didn’t think it was worth all the work. I doubt I would ever wear it anyhow. There were also instructions for making shoulder pads, but really… does this knit dress need stinkin shoulder pads?? I think not. I think overall this is a cute dress and it had some interesting throwback methods, however I ended up serging a lot of it and just stuck with what I know. I’d try this one again in a solid, however I’ll probably wait until t warms up… I think maybe I made this one prematurely because I am already sick of winter!