Vogue 8750…. REMIX!

After making the flared version of 8750 in red corduroy, blogged here, I really wanted to give the pencil silhouette a go. I found this zig zag stetchy corduroy with blues and purples and I thought it would look really cool with the cut and pieces of this skirt.

The skirt is easy peasy to sew up, however the first time I made this, it ended up being HUGE and I had to take it in quite a ton. So this time I cut it smaller and used generous seam allowances and I think it ended up a hair too snug for my taste. Luckily it’s stretch so its not uncomfortable or restrictive. I guess I’ll just have to skip dinner before I wear it out!

I think it would look really cute paired with some pattern tights and booties, and a turtleneck. The back I went for an exposed zipper look, it was hard to match up my zig zags perfectly but oh well…

Overall, I think the zig zags give the skirt a dramatic look and this will probably see a lot of friends and fun these next few months!


4 Comments on “Vogue 8750…. REMIX!”

  1. mrsmole says:

    Did you cut the pieces out using a nap layout? Your center front panel looks darker than the others and the black lines are reversed in sequence from the rest. Maybe in real life it doesn’t look this way? Very eye-catching and fun and well fitted. Love the exposed back zipper!

    • cjgal says:

      Hi there! Thank you, I actually didn’t reverse them, I think this is an optical illusion. The front panel probably appears darker since its a bit more Taut than the other pieces 😉 also not on purpose!

  2. This skirt is a stunner! I like how you styled it with the classic black top, as anything else would be too much.

    • cjgal says:

      Thank you! I agree, with bold statement pieces you definitely need to keep the rest of the styling somewhat simplified…that is unless you are Lady gaga or a drag queen. I guess they go hand in hand! Happy sewing!

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