Lisette shirtdress round two

Over my Holiday vacation, I took advantage of my time off and caught up on some projects that I have had on the back burner for a while, a couple were some remakes. I have found that I really like wearing shirtdresses and have gotten a lot of wear out of the ones I have made. One of which is the Lisette shirtdress 2246, I made this a while ago in a green gingham blogged here. I absolutely love this dress, its cute comfy and stylish for any situation, I get tons of compliments on it. I had bought blue mens shirting fabric quite some time ago to remake it in, similar to the picture on the pattern. The plain blue looked chic but adds a professional flair to it so I could pair it with tights and wear it to work. This material however ended up being pretty heavy and stiffer than I remembered and I don’t think it was well suited for this dress.

The stiffness didn’t allow for any movement and made the bottom flare out more than I would prefer. It also bunched and crinkled with my waist belt and overall I think it made me look bigger than I am. I am keeping my fingers crossed that a few washings will soften it up a bit but not shrink it down too terribly much.

The contruction of the dress was much easier this time, even though its been quite some time since I made the last one. I opted to only use interfacing on the collar since the fabric was already thick as heck, and than goodness for that decision! I decided to go with snaps again, I swear I’m a snap addict. The pockets and stitching came out pretty clean, I was pleased with how these turned out.

This one turned out ok, but hopefully¬†it’ll get a little more worn in and become as beloved as its plaid sister.

One Comment on “Lisette shirtdress round two”

  1. Emily says:

    Love the snaps!

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