Groovy tunic man… Simplicity 3532

I bought the Simplicity 3532 pattern a while ago and I’ve been waiting for the right fabric to make it up with. I saw this blue and purple tie dye print on gorgeous fabrics and I thought it looked so pretty, kind of bohemium but with a definite pattern so that it is more put together. When it arrived I thought it was a pretty intense print but I figured with this wide sleeved dress pattern I could make it work…. well …. maybe not so much

Yeah… I look like I just stepped out of the mystery machine. I think maybe I should have opted to do more of a color blocking and used the tie dye fabric on the yolk and a solid piece on the skirt portion so that the print wouldn’ be so overwhelming… bummer man.

The pattern itself was super simple, not many pieces to sew together. I didn’t bother doing the self lining on the yolk ( I didn’t feel like doing the extra work especially since I could see this top taking a turn towards Woodstock real quick). There was gathering under the bodice and on the upper sleeves, and elastic was inserted into the bell sleeves to gather them around the wrist. This material was a rayon stretchy knit and doesn’t look good with a hem so I just cut it to the appropriate length and called it a day.

Ultimately in the right print I think this dress could be really cute, I love the sleeve detail and the overall style, but unfortunately in this case it ended up being too hippie dippie for my taste.

check ya later dude