Looney Tooney Halloween Debauchery!

My favorite time of the year finally here! Hallloooweeeenie time! This year I picked a looney toons theme so that Chris and I could be the Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote- my favorites!  Though it was a little difficult to walk at times (stairs were problematic) I think they look spot on!

I’ve been working on these on and off for the last month along with my friend Sarah’s Marvin the Martian head. I started with Chris’s costume, I used fleece that I ordered dirt cheap online- I bought 5 yards of it and used every last bit! I never end up using all the fabric I buy on projects, let alone that much of it. I made him some fleece pants with a men’s pj pant pattern- these were really quick but I ended up taking them in quite a bit since he is so slim and the coyote is supposed to be skinny.

For the coyote top I used one of his shirts to cut the front and back and sleeves, and I tried to make it longer than normal since the coyote has the contrasting tan color on his belly. I cut a big round piece of the khaki colored fleece and just sewed on the front.

The head was the fun part, I started with a baseball hat and glued some cardboard  and foam to elongate the rim- I wanted him to have a really big head!

Next I cut 3 half moon shapes to form his snout and his nose. One of them I glued straight on the hat and stuffed it full of polyfil. The other two I sewed on my machine and stuffed as well to make the cheeks- they kind of stick out pretty far, no?

I sewed one last half moon shape to finish the top of his head, and sewed on his eyes. I  made him ears and put a piece of cardboard inside so that they would stand up and flop over a bit. I inserted these in the seam on his head and hand sewed it shut. I wanted him to look more expressive since he is so fully of emotion in his bumbling antics so I made some furrowed  eyebrows and glued them on.

Then I took some thread and pulled it tight to create the ridges on his snout, the last part was his nose which I made with a styrofoam ball and felt.

I made his foot covers with foam that I made a little platform out of and then shaped the toes to glue on top. I covered these with the remaining fleece.

The TNT I used the same method with foam but I tied in some cord so that it could hang around his neck and I added in orange pipe cleaners so it would like like they were about to blow up.

To make the Roadrunner I used the same methods as the coyote, but I had to build the beak a little differently. I cut a triangular shape  and glued it on the rim of the hat so that it would curve upwards. I put another piece on top of this to create the roadrunners smirk.

Then I made the big feather mop on top of his head- I inserted a piece of cardboard in here like with the coyote ears so that it would stand up tall. I sewed this into the top seam of the head.

I made the shirt using a long sleeve t-shirt and I added a feather ridge on the sleeves. I made shorts with a romper pattern but I didn’t put any elastic or anything in them so I just pinned them on my tights.

The feet are the same as the coyote feet, only there was a talon added on the back and I put toenails and drew the ridges on.

The tail is just straight foam with crdboard sandwiched in and felt glued all around. I tried to sew it to my shirt but it was more effective to just pin it on. Here I am playing pool!

Here are some more pictures from the evening, Sarah is wearing the Marvin the Martian head that we made (all foam and felt, and netting on the eyes), my bother in Law Josh is Yosemite Sam (he made it himself! So proud!) and my sister in law Olivia and her boyfriend Morgan are Pepe le Pew and Penelope cat (she and my mother and law made these and they turned out AWESOME!).

And here is Katie and her fiance Chris in the Omeletteville costumes

And last but not least- a video Katie took of my roadrunner dance

4 Comments on “Looney Tooney Halloween Debauchery!”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Oh you are good! We just left the Halloween party at disney world and didn’t see a thing to top your work! Bravo!

  2. AllisonF says:

    Unbelievable! Really fabulous work!

  3. Dana says:

    Are you willing to sell this two costume. We need them so much for the Tomball Christmas Parade. Please let me know.
    Thank you so so much

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