Bring em on into Omeletteville! Let the Halloween season begin!

It is finally my most favorite time of the year when I get to  break out the hot glue gun and create the most ridiculous costumes to wear out in public with my crunk friends! I am a huge Halloween freak >:)  Many of my friends recruit me to make them costumes and this is my first round, gotta start early!

My friend Katie and I have been obsessed with the Justin Timberlake’s skit Omeletteville on SNL (circa 2003) in which two neighboring breakfast joints Benny’s and Omeletteville go head to head. Its pretty hilarious, definitely Hulu it if you haven’t seen it. Anyhow, after watching this skit about 100 times Katie finally said, Eureka! This would be an awesome Halloween costume! And she and her fiance’s Halloween fate is now sealed. Obviously she is making him be “Benny’s bacon”

For my plan of attack I immediately thought… foam! You can get 2.5 yard rolls of this foam at Joann’s for $10 a yard, however I used 50% coupons. To make the omelette I cut one in half and sewed it together by hand with heavy duty thread. Then I cut the edges off to round it out into an omelette shape.

Since Justin’s head came through the side of the omelette I held it up to my husband to judge where to cut the holes for her head and her arms. The seam to close it would be the “fold” in the omelette where the cheese would be oozing out.

After getting everything cut out the next step was a lot of felt and a whole lotta hot glue. You can buy felt by the yard and get a ton of it for really cheap. It also appears that the bolts for felt are really huge too- bigger than 60″ but maybe I am imagining that- perhaps I should ask next time!  I got yellow for the omelette, I just laid the felt out flat and put the foam on top and just started gluing away. I didnt have much of a strategy except around the holes I cut the felt in wedges like a pizza to curl them around the edges and then just filled in the blank spots with extra. I added some felt to the inside of the omelette where her head popped out so you wouldn’t see the green inside.

Once all the yellow felt was glued on I used the scraps I cut off to make the cheese. I sewed these together into a strip with humps to resemble the cheese melting out, and I hot glued orange felt on these. I then sewed the cheese to the two sides of the omelette to close the seam.

I made the four finger white gloves with white felt on my sewing machine. Here is the final product- sorry for such a grainy photo, this is with my phone, and I am wearing boxer shorts and tank top underneath for the record!

The Benny’s bacon costume was built in the same way. I started with foam but measured it out into 4 strips, the front and back being wider. I held these up to Chris to mark where to cut the holes for the head and arms.

Next I glued on all the felt like I did for the omelette only it took muuuuuuch longer, I cut red and brown felt into wavy strips to look like fat running through the bacon strips. After covering the foam with all the felt I sewed the four pieces together into a block. For the eggs over easy I cut egg shapes and glued white felt to those as well, and made yellow yolks to glue in the middle. The best part about this Benny’s bacon costume is that it is fully funstional. If you have watched the skit there is a point where they get into a physical fight and Justin rips off the top egg leaving him with two eggs on the bottom that resemble… umm the nether region. I just added velcro to the top egg so that Katie could rip off the top egg as in the real skit.

Here it is! I will be sure to add pictures of Katie and her fiance Chris when they rock these out on Halloween with tights and the full get up.

This year my husband and I are going to be the Coyote and Roadrunner, right now a work in progress. More Halloween fun to follow!


2 Comments on “Bring em on into Omeletteville! Let the Halloween season begin!”

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Gotta love those skits! You have done an awesome job on those!

  2. Trisha says:

    Love, Love, LOVE these costumes! Made me laugh out loud. 🙂

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