Paisley dress take 2! Simplicity 2584

It isn’t too often that I remake pieces, but I really felt like my paisley dress needed a do-over. The first one I made was cotton paisley and it turned out well, however I can honestly say I still haven’t worn it…. ever. I think this is mostly because the cotton doesn’t have much give to it so its not the most comfortable outfit to wear, especially sitting down. And the paisley print I originally chose was kind of blah. I love this pattern however, and I found this big bold paisley print in this slinky stretch knit fabric (I LOOOOVE my knits!) I think this one turned out much more fun and comfortable than the last one, and even has a 70’s twist.

This fabric was definitely a little more of a challenge to work with, it snags pretty easily so i kept having to straighten it out as I was sewing. The neckline doesn’t quite lay as nice and flat as I would like, but luckily the print is distracting and it isn’t immediatetly noticable.  

Since this neckline is so defined with the yolk I thought is was perfect to try one of the decorative stitches on my new machine. I picked this curly sticth since it was mimicked in the dress, here’s a pic- sorry my camera kind of sucks

I’m pretty excited for this dress- Fall has arrived!!

3 Comments on “Paisley dress take 2! Simplicity 2584”

  1. Maria says:

    Wow, you are soooo rockin’ that dress? I love it. I will try that pattern myself. Great job!

  2. Carol Hansen says:

    This dress is sooo cute! How do I get my hands on this pattern? A copy just sold on Ebay for $50!! If you know where I can get it let me know… or I’ll buy your copy. 🙂

    • cjgal says:

      Holy cow! $50?? That’s nuts! I am not sure, maybe there might be a copy for sale on etsy? I have actually thought about making this one again pretty recently so unfortunate,y I don’t think I cn part with it just yet. Ill keep my eyes open for you though!

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