McCalls 6112- va va voom showcaser!

When my husband and I got married last year, we had a Fall owl themed wedding because we both love owls and how cute and quirky they are. We ended up getting a lot of owl related wedding gifts and decorations so it has turned into a little collection. Recently, my husband’s awesomely fabulous Aunt Madonna gave me this crazy cute vintage owl necklace. I have seen these huge owl necklaces around and I love how 60’s and old school they are.

This necklace is quite a statement piece so I wanted to make a dress to wear with it that would show  it off. I have seen a couple of posts of people who have made the McCalls 6112 dress in view B in a plain black knit so that it can serve as a back drop dress to showcase jewelry and bright shoes.  I decided that this would be perfect for my owl necklace, and it would also give me a chance to practice my serging techniques.

This dress was very simple, though I took some extra time on it to try and perfect a serged blind hem. Brother Sergio so far has been a dream, really user friendly and easy to operate. I taught myself how to chenge the thread down to three spools and how to use the blind hem foot to line up the edge of my fold along the hem seam- super easy. However when I finished it didn’t quite look like a “blind” hem, you could totally see the hem line fold. I serged this entire dress except for the arm slits because I didn’t want them to have this bulky folded look. While my hems don’t look bad, I was a little disapointed that they didn’t turn out exactly as I wanted. I am not sure if this material is what is causing me difficulties but instead of ironing out smooth, they looked like this:

Regardless I still like the way it turned out, I made a long wide self belt but I think it looks good with or without it. It is the perfect dress to use as a guinea pig if you are trying to work on your serging skills, this one especially so since it was black and black thread blends in so that you can’t see mistakes. I made the hem short so I could wear it out to parties and events, my husband said “well look at that sexy dress!”

Really easy dress to sew, it would be great in a fun print and it is really comfortable. You can even wear a regular bra which is always a plus!