Vogue (DKNY) 1236, summer work dress in chambray

This DKNY Vogue pattern 1236 has been in my pattern collection for a while but I have had it on the back burner in the anticipation that suitable fabric would come along that would fit the style. I finally stumbled into this chambray material that was selling for dirt cheap, about $3 a yard and it was a match made in heaven!

This dress was pretty simple to make and went quickly. The pleats at the neckline were probably the most challenging part, but that being said they were easy to construct as well. Although going back I wish I had folded the pleats a little wider, because after removing my basting they kind of start to unfold and fade into the dress. I can see that I will need to press them everytime I wash the dress which will be a pain, but hey I am no stranger to the iron so it isn’t a big deal.

The rest of the dress was easy peasy, the big pockets are my favorite part even though they make it a little puffy. The bodice was completely faced with interfacing, and the pieces were huge, it took me a while to adhere the entire thing since I had to do it in sections. My straps ended up being slightly too big (as usual) but they aren’t gaping open and I don’t feel self concious in them so I decided to be lazy and just leave them as is. There were no zippers or anything, the pattern included some snaps for lingerie straps, but I just skipped that part.

I wore this dress to work today and threw a sweater over it. Over all I am pleased, Chris really liked this one too. I would probably try this one again in a seersucker or a light cotton with a fun print. Maddie cat had fun helping me sew this one too šŸ™‚


4 Comments on “Vogue (DKNY) 1236, summer work dress in chambray”

  1. Tanya says:

    I made this dress in a red/white seersucker, I like the way the pleats sort of open up, yours looks great, good fabric choice.

  2. Louella says:

    Another fine looking dress!

  3. […] gorgeously pressed, non-crinkly version by the beautiful mystitchnbitch. Love it in that […]

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