Simplicity 2647- my summer maxi dress

I have had this fun bright floral print fabric for a while and I finally decided it would be perfect for a maxi dress. I really don’t wear long dresses very often because I am so short, but I figured at least I could make this one the perfect length so I won’t trip over it like a fool. It took me a while to find a pattern I really liked, some maxi dresses look so frumpy! This simplicity pattern 2647 is one of those day to evening editions, and I loved the long drawn version with the gathering on the bodice.

I’m not sure why they didn’t include a photo of this one, its always nice to see the finished product even if on a model. The construction of the dress wasn’t that easy, I cannot lie. The bodice was pretty easy to sew together, the rayon knit I used didn’t gether well with a long machine stitch so I ended up doing most of the gathering by scrunching it as I sewed. I’m sure there is probably a better method out there to do this, but for this dress it got the job done! Once the bodice construction was finished, the pattern called for the elast to be sewn into the facing. I don’t know if maybe my bodice somehow ended up being to short, but I don’t really see how putting an inch wide ring of elastic would have fit. It would have caused the bodice to shift down too far and not give me enough coverage on top. So instead, I opted to sew the elastic into the top of the skirt first before attaching the two pieces together. Since I knew I would need to shorten the dress in the end I wasn’t worried about the extra inch of length being taken from the shirt. The effect was that the elastic ended up looking like a waist band.

The effect isn’t bad though it isn’t how the pattern intended. I considered completely omitting the elastic, however I think the dress would’ve been to heavy for the straps and would have weighed down too much. By creating this waist band it also completely covered the elastic so there was fabric between the elastic and my skin. This made it much more comfy! Even after usining about an inch and a half to create the band, I still had to take up the bottom about an inch, I pretty much just plan to wear flats with this to avoid accidents 🙂

I am looking forward to wearing it in the hot upcoming months, and maybe for a weekend getaway (if I am lucky!)

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