Summoning the Sun!!

It has been raining cats and dogs here in Louisville and I have just about had it! I decided it was time to make the Simplicity 2362 pattern I have had in my queue for a while now. I picked out a bright yellow fabric, maybe it will inspire the sun to come out!!

This is probably one of the easiest dresses I have ever made. It pieced together like a puzzle, especially the front pocket pieces. Although I made one rookie mistake, when I was cutting out my interfacing for the bodice I didn’t have enough to fold over so I cut the bodice pieces on the single selvage. I must’ve been in lala land because I didn’t even notice I had cut out two right boobs until after I fused the interfacing to my lining! Woops..  Easy fix though if I had more interfacing on hand I would’ve just redone it, however I didn’t and I am lazy. So I just applied more lining to the opposite side and flipped it over. Tada! good as new. I ended up shortening this dress about 2 inches and as you can see its still pretty long with heels on. I love how it flares out towards the bottom, its a great dress for those days that you plan on eating a whole bunch (think cook out!) and want to wear something light and not too clingy. I added some wooden buttons on the bodice pleats to add a little bit of detail.

I give this pattern an A+, I would even go as far to say its a good beginner’s piece. I would definitely make this again and I love the black version in the photo on the package.