Cynthia Rowley 2178…. WTF??

So I tried this new Cynthia Rowley pattern from the new Simplicity 2011 Summer collection thinking that I could wear it out for a Bachelorette party in May and yeah… so much for that idea. This pattern is so strange and ended up being so asymmetric, perhaps it was the crinkle gauze material I used which I have not worked with before, or maybe it was all the weird random pleats and gathering, I don’t know but it ended up being a hot mess.

In the photo on the pattern it looks a little Grecian Goddess-esque which I thought was pretty, but my finished product didn’t look like this in my opinion. The fabrics they called for ranged from linens, laundered cottons, and crinkle gauze to satins. In hindsight the satin may have been a better option for this dress as it woud have been more sturdy and clean in the pleating and gathering. The bodice came together pretty easily, the strap construction used interfacing and wasn’t too out of the norm. Then I made the Midriff waist section which somehow came out way to short. I used the same measurement on all pattern pieces but ended up having to recut this section longer, luckily I had enough fabric left to make these long pieces.

Next I made the weird skirt. It had one slit at the top of the waist (imagine a missing slice of pizza) this was to make one random dart. Umm alrightie… Then the pattern had gathering on one side near the dart, and then just folded pleats on the other side. Maybe I just messed this up somehow but the skirt ended up being so off center. If I could go back I would have skipped the gathering and just made plain and simple pleats ignoring the instructions. The hem was also strange, it had a ring of interfacing that was sewed around the bottom with facing. I guess this was to create sort of a hoola hoop effect and make the skirt flare out. Mine of course ended up being uneven in the back- hey why ruin my asymmetry theme?

Here is the full view of the dress. I am going to quote the movie Clueless and say that this dress is full of Monet, from far away it looks ok, but up close its a big mess.

In the end I could probably wear this dress out to a dark bar where people would be drinking and no one would even notice the imperfections, however for the experience and issues I had making this dress, sorry Cynthia Rowley I love you but 2178 gets a thumbs down. <PPHHHHTTTTTHH!!>


7 Comments on “Cynthia Rowley 2178…. WTF??”

  1. Erin says:

    Hi, i found you blog when searching for reviews on this pattern….thank you for your review! My midriff section came out way too small as well and it was driving me crazy. I think it looks cute on you, though! I’m still finishing it but hopefully it will be wearable! I LOVE the stripe knit dress you did, as well…totally going to copy that and make it in a small stripe, too!

  2. cjgal says:

    Oh good, I am glad I am not the only one who had issues with this pattern. I think I may send Simplicty a email with my gripes about this dress. Since it is so new to their collection it could just still have some kinks in the sizing. Good luck with yours, hopefully it will turn out beautiful!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness – thanks for your review on this pattern! I am currently planning to make this dress up in a light weight chambray and I’m going to look out for the waist piece issues. It seems like everyone who has sewn this dress has mentioned that same problem. I’m sufficiently terrified that I’ll probably muslin the dress first rather than ruin my nice chambray. Thanks for the warning!
    – Liz

  4. smittenness says:

    So glad I came across your post. Just about to start this pattern and will look out for the waist piece problems!

    • cjgal says:

      I’ve been thinking about tackling this one again! Hope yours turns out well, I’ll keep an eye out for it I’d love to see your finished product!

      • smittenness says:

        I made up a muslin last Friday and have already established the bodice is both too tight and too loose…. we shall see how this turns out ; )

  5. whippedlife says:

    Oh, MAN! I just had such a frustrating time getting the skirt/bodice all situated that I actually threw it away. (I might take it out of the garbage when I have some more patience- but I was super MAD). I have such better luck with sewing up vintage patterns, but I can’t always find them in styles I would actually wear in every day life. P.S. That color is a total winner on you.

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