Crazy about Stripes!

I think that stripes are so much fun, they can be casual or dressed up and they can also make you look thinner (or fatter 🙂  Simplicity released their new patterns for summer 2011 and I absolutely loved this new pattern 2177 with the striped view. I didn’t care too much for the photo view, the girl looks like she is in a getup Holly Hobbs would wear and the little jacket looks a bit cheesy to me, but hey to each their own.

This dress was very easy to make and I actually used Michael Miller’s Clown Striped knit fabric in black and white. The back of the envelope suggested cottons, gauze, linen type blends but the knit worked out just fine. This pattern does run pretty big though, I actually ended up having to cut out about two inches from my perfectly finished straps so that it wouldn’t be hanging on me. The finished product didn’t look terrible, but I knew it would bug me so I used some left over material to ring around the striped and simulate gathering. I think it gave it a sailor type look which looks pretty cute! Although its hard to see them in these pictures, my hair covers them.

This dress has pleats at the top where the skirt met the bodice which I love because they are great for hiding any tummy issues 🙂

This dress makes me excited for the summer! Since I didn’t end up using nearly as much fabric as the pattern called for, I had enough left over to make this striped skirt from Kwiksew pattern 3003. I think this pattern has been around for quite a while given the illustrations on the front, the 90’s called and they want their rooster ponytail back! This is a very casual skirt with elastic at the waist so you can be liberal with sizing up and down.

One thing about this pattern to watch out for is matching the stripes. Since its virtually the same pattern for each skirt, the second view just has an extra cut down the center. This means you have to match up the stripes to the opposite side that what would have been pieced together with just two pieces as opposed to four. This means that the length will be a bit off when you do your hemming. I am only 5’2″ so I usually end up hemming quite a bit of length anyhow so it wasn’t an issue for me, but if you are tall you may want to compensate on the length when you cut your fabric. FYI please excuse my nasty thumb burn in this photo, be careful with those irons kids!

Here is one that I made for my friend Jo as part of her Bridal shower gift. My Mom crocheted the orange flowers that I added to the hem.

I would definitely recommend both these patterns- very easy to use and versatile, they are great for stripes but not limited to them.

9 Comments on “Crazy about Stripes!”

  1. jo says:

    what a cute dress! I am definitely inspired to attempt some jersey knits now. I LOVE my skirt!

  2. Erin says:

    This is so, so cute. Did the dress include a zipper or did it pull overhead? Was the medium weight knit what you’d recommend, or do you think a light jersey knit would work?

  3. cjgal says:

    Hi Erin- thank you! The pattern does actually include a zipper that goes in the back, however I omitted it since I used a stretchy knit. It is easy to just pull it on and off over my head. I used a medium knit, I honestly think you need to use a thicker knit for this pattern since it includes pleating and a lot of interfacing on the bodice- a light one wouldn’t hold it up as well.

  4. Erin says:

    Great, thank you!

  5. Erin says:

    Please forgive me for yet another question – I hope you dont mind! I’m going to make this dress with the same fabric since it’s so cute and yours turned out so well. Does it run big everywhere else, too, or just in the straps? Just wanted to be sure of any other alterations you may have made for it to fit properly. Thanks! And you should check out Pattern and submit some reviews…it’s soooo helpful and fun to see what other people do.

  6. Erin says:

    I swear its my last question. I’ve never sewn with knits before….so, do you use bias tape like it says to with a knit or no? Thanks!

  7. cjgal says:

    Hi again! Yes I followed the directions 100% using all the stablizers they noted. For this dress I think they are needed especially if working with a knit because it would stretch out easily. I would love to see your final product! I took your advice and started making reviews on Pattern review- I didn’t even know that site existed! Its a great tool, thanks!

  8. Trisha says:

    Love the stripes-in both dress and skirt form. Cute!!!

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